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Founder • BloodStone Funding Division

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Tallahassee, Florida - United States

Founder of Bloodstone Funding Division a online medical platform. As well as an agent for David Allen Capital where we provide business loans from $10,000 to $500,000 for small to medium sized businesses in need of additional capital.

344 2,729 384

Scott Seabaugh, MBA

Healthcare M&A Advisor • Healthcare Acquisitions Group

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Bradenton, Florida - United States

Executive Director, Healthcare Acquisitions Group (HCAG). the nation's leading health care merger and acquisition advisory firm. Providing comprehensive, specialized M&A advisory services to individuals, companies wanting to sell or buy a home care or hospice agency. Contact us today, Toll Free: 844.359.4224.

14,237 2,914 3

S. Jeffrey Ackerman, M.D.

Founder & CEO • DCCS Home Health Services, LLC

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Victoria, Texas - United States

M.D., CPA with 30+ years of healthcare experience turning around troubled entities. Looking for potential Home Care & Hospice acquisitions.

12,752 2,547 1

Jason Atty

Director • Vallexa Advisors

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Romeo, Michigan - United States

Vallexa Advisors has been bringing qualified buyers to Home Health, Hospice, Home Care & Behavioral Health Agencies for the past 10 years under the excellent leadership of Jason Atty. With two Offices; Las Vegas, Nevada & Detroit, Michigan.

14,719 3,076 35

Steve Proscino

Managing Director • Osborne HomeCare Group

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Chesterfield, Missouri - United States

Osborne Homecare Group is an active participant in small business ownership transactions, particularly those related to Home Health Care.

14,777 2,957 2

Bob LeBeau

Managing Director • Oakmark Advisors, Inc.

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Tampa, Florida - United States

Bob is the Managing Director of Oakmark Advisors in Tampa Florida a healthcare M&A advisory firm focused on home healthcare and medical staffing.

16,524 3,483 0

Benjamin Sardinas

Mananging Director • HealthCare Mergers & Acquis.

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Miami, Florida - United States

20,156 4,148 1

Ben Brandes

Partner • Hyde Investment Group

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Boston, Massachusetts - United States

Accomplished private equity executive, strategic advisor and transaction specialist with track record of initiating, sourcing, and driving growth through investment strategies. Focusing on franchise investing.

17,067 3,504 1

Tünde Holdren


  • Hospital and Health Care
  • McKinney, Texas - United States

Owner/Founder of Aviator Home Health. Currently looking for Home Health Agencies for sale in the DFW Metroplex.

15,688 3,315 1

Jimmy Dragon

CEO • Dragon Asset Holding

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Surprise, Arizona - United States

I can't help but act on my visions & dreams.

15,158 3,053 0

kate costello

Business Broker, Real Estate • Capital Business Solutions

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Boonton, New Jersey - United States

Business Broker and Commercial Real Estate. Licensed in New Jersey and Florida. Connecting Buyers and Sellers Around the world.

24,239 4,830 2

Elsie Mckenzie

founder • Child Of the King Children Ser

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Lakeland, Florida - United States

I founded a non- profit organization it's a temporary shelter for homeless children. My heart desire is to help children in the community. We are looking at a property anywhere in the State in Florida to start our program. We are looking for an owner who's willing to let us do our program there until we are able to buy the property from them ...

13,687 2,789 1

dr Susan Margarita, MKK


  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Jakarta, Jakarta - Indonesia

My speciality in occupational, clinic, laboratory, radiology and hospitalization

12,924 2,689 1

Kyle Koeppler

President • nuCare Medical Solutions, Inc

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Atlanta, Georgia - United States

18,039 3,759 5

Maryam famourzadeh

Managing Partner • Double Helix M&A, LLC

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • San Diego, California - United States

Heading an advisory M&A firm, looking to acquire Medical Billing, EMR & EHR companies. our Emphasis is on providing Business Development, Strategic advisor, M&A advisor and Strategic Buyer.

15,380 3,203 2

Andre Berger

CEO • National ACO, LLC

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Beverly Hills, California - United States

Dr. Andre Berger is CEO and Chairman of National ACO, LLC, a physician owned and governed NextGenACO Model ACO, located in Beverly Hills, California currently operating in California, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, Colorado and Arizona.

22,580 4,601 2

Rhonda Weber

Vice President • Brown Consulting, Ltd.

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • United States

Visit for more information about myself, staff, bio's, services, etc.

12,703 2,640 2

D. Parker

VP of Business Development • MARAJ CCS

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Plantation, Florida - United States

A seasoned and successful veteran of the executive recruiting profession with over 12 years as a Consultant in a variety of industries, primarily focused on her clients' Recruiting and Business processes.

18,989 3,868 1

evelyn capdevila

Physical Therapist/Consultant • Everything Rehab Services

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Miami, Florida - United States

Physical Therapist with over 23 yrs experience. Medicare Accreditation Surveyor and Clinical Reviewer. Create policies and procedures, perform mock surveys, and complete chart audits. Helping therapy clinics implement or establish new programs

20,131 4,133 1

dan brown

principal • premier care

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Toledo, Ohio - United States

Principal Premier Care

13,156 2,703 1

Lani Deleon

CEO • Abba Gentle Healthcare llc

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Houston, Texas - United States

I'm a RN and owner of home health agency , care home and caregiver staffing company . I'm also a consultant for those who wants to start a care home and assisted living facility.

20,548 4,567 2



  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Hillside, Illinois - United States

Over 33 years of experience

22,692 4,640 0

William Kievning

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Walnut Creek, California - United States

30 year plus veteran of private practice physical therapy in the area of orthopedic therapy.

16,736 3,284 1

Joseph Zrenchik

Medical Practice Broker • Union Realty

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Brighton, Michigan - United States

40 years a Real Estate Broker, the last 25 years specializing in Medical Practices after being taught by Herb Silverman in 1991. Today I feel I have Sold and Closed 10X more Medical Practices, of nearly every Specialty, than any Brokerage or Law Firm in the State of Michigan. I like my Business and Respect the Physicians.

14,482 2,983 1

jim harris

SVP, Healthcare Lending • Celtic Bank

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Orange County, California - United States

Jim specializes in financing ALF/SNF facilities nationwide—typically to an 85% Loan-to-Value. Celtic Bank is a top 10 SBA lender, financing: Construction, Acquisitions and Existing Business Debt. Loan amounts to $5,000,000 generally, or $10,000,000 for rurally located facilities. Jim’s can be reached at (714) 331-3816 or

12,726 2,651 0