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Swiss Meadows Apartments Of Berne, Indiana

HUD 68 unit multifamily rent-subsidized apartments in Swiss-heritage community, northeastern Indiana. Potentially can be changed to senior housing or condominiums.

Senior Living Property, Berne, IN, USA

Potential 2,200 senior townhouse rental and condominium property for sale-88 acres rezonable for multifamily development in Swiss-heritage Indiana community with 45 mile radius marketing area for 1 million population. $220 Million Projected sellout at average $100,000/unit price.

Multifamily duplex for sale. Indianapolis, IN do

Multifamily duplex for sale. Indianapolis, IN downtown area. 2326/2328 Capital Ave 4bedroom 1 bath each side. Roof under 4 years old. New furnaces on both sides. New siding, brick under siding. Asking 72.5k. Price negotiable. Please contact Tamela. [ external link ]