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Robert Brauns

President • DealStream

  • Internet
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts - United States

I'm the founder and President of DealStream. Tell me what you think of the site. Cheers!

5,769 1,321 14

Jeff Nolan

Principal Consultant • Nolan Interactive, LLC

  • Internet
  • Morristown, New Jersey - United States

Founded and steered the strategic direction of Human_Code (formerly "Imagination Plus"), an early-to-market Canadian web design and development firm, and capitalized on exploding demand in the emerging online space. I sold controlling interests in 2001, relocated to the U.S. and started a website and online marketing consulting firm.

7,646 1,457 1

Connor Paddon

CEO • OnSched Appointments

  • Internet
  • Toronto, Ontario - Canada

24 year old entpreneur based out of Toronto, ON. Working on hitting my third homerun for current SaaS startup Http://

8,251 1,822 3

Gurbaksh Chahal

Chairman & CEO • Gravity4, Inc.

  • Internet
  • Miami Beach, Florida - United States

Die Hard Entrepreneur. Love innovation & building amazing companies. Founder of ClickAgents, BlueLithium, RadiumOne, Gravity4 & The Chahal Foundation.

8,648 1,819 0

D Barnes

CEO • KD Interactive

  • Internet
  • Madison, Wisconsin - United States

Hosted Business Solutions for Every Need & Business Our Hosted Business Services offers customized, on-demand, search-engine optimized web sites, email, Microsoft Exchange, email archiving, web, social media and mobile email, and computer backup all fully managed 24x7x365 by certified experts.

1,269 310 0

Joshua Holmes

CEO • Ethode

  • Internet
  • Medina, Ohio - United States

I am a business owner focusing in technology

1,886 450 1


Top Web Hosting Companies • Updatedreviews

  • Internet
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka - India

Updated Hosting Reviews - Read our analysis, reviews and research of Best and top Web Hosting companies.@

1,671 438 1

Les Thompson

Web Developer, SEO

  • Internet
  • Hermosa Beach, California - United States

Web Development, SEO, WebMaster, Internet Marketing

10,107 2,135 0

dennis dibattista

President, Owner • General Packet

  • Internet
  • Providence, Rhode Island - United States

network construction, operations and sales

2,021 458 0

Mark Spidle

President • Energized I.T.

  • Internet
  • Urbandale, Iowa - United States

1,117 307 0

saurabh nagpal

Executive Director • Multilink Solutions Inc

  • Internet
  • Mason, Ohio - United States

A selrial Enterprenr , investor having 20 years of experience in technology domain.

2,332 532 1

Wojciech Kaszycki

Investor,Innovator,Consultant • Entrepreneur, Business Angel

  • Internet
  • Warsaw, Mazovia - Poland

I am an experienced c-level executive and business consultant with 20 years in IT, Financial Markets, ecommerce and retail. I have a unique mix of sales skills and business understanding which provides me the ability to solve major problems of organizations.

802 263 0

Phil Nail


  • Internet
  • Menifee, California - United States

I started building websites and providing hosting back in 1997. In 2001 we installed solar and built our data center. Behind our data center are large water tanks that catch rain and nightly precipitation. This water is then recycled and used to cool our data center. We are 100% solar powered, NO GREEN CREDITS, No GREEN WASHING just the real deal.

1,816 401 1

Sanjeev Shukla

President • Sanmita Inc.

  • Internet
  • New York - United States

Serial entrepreneur in technology and internet sector. Founder of the following businesses: - leading web solutions provider for higher education - video compression technology Open to parnetship, merger and acquisition opportunities, reach me at 'sanjeev.shukla at sanmita dot com'

178 245 0

Gatekeeper Business Services

Gatekeeper Business Services

  • Internet
  • Wilmington, Delaware - United States

Providing "Business Tools" to small business owners.

4,380 886 0

Richard White

CEO • Many Businesses

  • Internet
  • Bothell, Washington - United States

I'm always on the look out for small businesses to buy. Must be all automated via the internet. Very interested in: Internet Radio stations w/1k+ listeners, small hosting companies, turn key digital businesses.

3,397 632 0

didier Touati

CEO • Easy2data

  • Internet
  • Wilmington, Delaware - United States

Hi I am Didier Touati Easy2data Company CEO We offer targeted lists of companies by sector and country for any exploration or emailing With us, you only buy what you need No list of 4 million names when the need is 200 Visit our 2 and for emails

4,353 885 4

Nick Moraitis

Online Business Consultant

  • Internet
  • Athens, Attica - Greece

Over 10 years in the online industry and international trading business. I'm currently dealing with clients from Germany who need high quality web solutions and also bootstrapping new startups in the EU and US market.

894 272 1

Larry Weeks

Digital Media Executive • Google

  • Internet
  • Winter Park, Florida - United States

Entrepreneurial business leader specializing in digital marketing media and helping companies / startups rapidly innovate new products, build high performing teams and grow their business. I currently manage a team at Google in the eComm space but for over a decade I’ve advised agencies, retailers, consulting firms and tech companies.

4,198 924 1

Jonathan Soares

Founder & CEO • Agency Labs

  • Internet
  • Bethel, Connecticut - United States

Founder & CEO of Agency Labs, a powerful and trusted engineering partner that collaborates exclusively with leading digital, creative and marketing teams. We build custom websites, software and mobile applications for some of the world's most innovative organizations. Sometimes we build our own.

2,588 629 1

Jacqueline Turco


  • Internet
  • Boca Raton, Florida - United States

30 years online. I give my clients more freedom and choices by structuring moderately passive WEB BASED business investments with Multiple revenue streams. If you enjoy giving back, there is nothing wrong with also making a lot of money. You can't help anyone without it. ​Strategic Planning, Web​​ Design, Development, and Online Marketing ​​

7,434 1,631 1

Joseph Allen

Online Business Owner •

  • Internet
  • Honolulu, Hawaii - United States

Ask yourself,.... Am I the person today I've always strived to be? Is my personal, financial and spiritual life inline with the universe? I believe the moment we stop challenging ourselves and stop growing is the moment we become dead inside. Certainly gives a new meaning to the words "the walking dead". Live, Love, Enjoy! Seek and ye shall find.

1,373 298 1

Stefan Matei

Founder • NimaSoftware & CargoPlanning

  • Internet
  • Iași, Judeţul Iaşi - Romania

I am a passionate and experienced software engineer. Graduate of the Faculty of Automatic Control & Computer Science of Iasi, I gathered experience in various local IT companies, working for more than 5 years building software for transportation & logistics sector.

724 239 1

Paul Collins

  • Internet
  • Birmingham, England - United Kingdom

934 284 3

Tina Raval

  • Internet

718 280 2