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Matthew Freeman

Managing Director • Enid Capital Partners

  • Investment Banking
  • Nashville, Tennessee - United States

We’re a boutique capital advisory firm located in Nashville, TN. We provide debt and/or equity to commercial operators and individuals who have found something interesting to buy but they don’t have all the capital they need, or need to get out of a loan because they are facing either a technical or monetary default.

3,196 1,705 4

Gregory Donelson

Dir Energy-Resources-Renewable • International Mergers & Acquis

  • Investment Banking
  • Scottsdale, Arizona - United States

Since 1969, International Mergers and Acquisitions has been assisting business owners, corporate boards and executive management teams in advisory services and capital formation. We are focused on businesses that are solving the many problems brought about by finite resources and population increase.

6,528 2,437 13

David Walsh

Managing Partner • Harbinger Partners, LLC

  • Investment Banking
  • Boston, Massachusetts - United States

Mergers & Acquisitions for the lower middle market.

6,238 2,354 6

@Bizugocom • IPO, Gov & Investor Relations

  • Investment Banking
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Bizugo is a global specialist consulting firm with a focus in investment banking and government relations. Our goal is to grow your business and believe that with commitment, knowledge, professionalism and dedication, we can take your business to the next level. Our team of seasoned professionals have extensive backgrounds in corporate acquisitions

3,564 1,905 5

Colleen Biggs

Partner/Project Manager • Vista Business Group

  • Investment Banking
  • Lincoln, Kansas - United States

1,802 1,439 1

Charis Siau

Mergers Acquisitions Associate • Rainwater Business Advisors

  • Investment Banking
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions. $1-20M EBITDA / $2-100M Gross Revenue Companies. Main Space: Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, and IT/Software Companies. charis[AT]usbizsell[DOT]com

9,953 3,450 22

Chhitiz Basnet

Strategic Finance Analyst • Regus Advisors

  • Investment Banking
  • Addison, Texas - United States

I am a Chartered Accountant and carry a world-class progressive experience of over 7 years in the field of Public accounting , corporate finance and investment banking. I feel proud to have served 100s of corporate clients including the Fortune Global 500 entities.

10,672 3,638 3

Robert Weinberg

Buyers, Investors for Business • First Boca Associates, Inc.

  • Investment Banking
  • Boca Raton, Florida - United States

First Boca Associates, Inc. is a national award winning business advisory firm specializing in confidential representation of mid-sized companies ($2 million EBITDA or more), that are seeking sale or financing. FBA has many well funded buyer and investor relationships. Please call (561) 482-1250 for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

8,843 3,160 2

Blaine McKearney

President • Loomac Management Ltd.

  • Investment Banking
  • Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Since 1987 I have acted as a facilitator in taking companies public on the Stock Exchange in Canada. I am looking for groups that are either selling or buying a business where a public company might assist in that process. Please email me at

5,817 2,124 3

Tom Simeo

Managing Partner • Viking Investments Group, LLC

  • Investment Banking
  • New York, New York - United States

We buy bloc of shares on most stock exchanges. We invest in private and publicly listed companies with strong growth in the US, Europe and Asia. We assist growth oriented companies to go public. We are not interested in start-ups and we are not angel investors.

15,367 4,208 5

Hank Nelson

Managing Director • Monadnock Advisors

  • Investment Banking
  • Quincy, Massachusetts - United States

Hank Nelson is an investment banker focused on the technology and business services markets in the lower middle market. Cloud, SaaS, Data/Analytics, BI, application software, healthcare. Services include sell & buy side, recapitalizations, financings. FINRA licensed.

5,915 2,273 1

Michael Guthammar

Partner, CVA • Windeye Partners

  • Investment Banking
  • Garden City, New York - United States

Corporate Finance, Business Valuations and M&A advisor to business owners, entrepreneurs, family offices, private equity groups and hedge funds in US, Europe and Asia. Certified Valuation Analyst.

18,145 4,410 0

Mehmood H Syed, CMAA

CEO • Syed Brokerage & Capital Co

  • Investment Banking
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

CEO Most Active M&A Advisor - Lower Middle Market to Middle-Market Intermediary Syed Brokerage & Capital has represented both buy side and sell side. We have helped conduct $220MM worth of deals. Raise Capital for Mergers and Acquisition of Privately Held Co. Accredited & Certified Merger & Acquisitions Advisor 25+ Years Experience

10,235 3,199 4

Lynn Roth

Vice President • Wintrust

  • Investment Banking
  • Antioch, Illinois - United States

Commercial Lender specializing in creative financing structure for business acquisitions. Member of MBBI (Midwest Business Brokers & Intermediaries)and preferred lender status with SBA.

3,476 1,738 1

raov aryan

CEO • Morganine Capital

  • Investment Banking
  • Tbilisi, K'alak'i T'bilisi - Georgia

experienced Investment Banker

1,821 1,462 0

Dave Cochran

Managing Partner • Cochran Edwards Capital

  • Investment Banking
  • Seattle, Washington - United States

Dave Cochran, Business Acumen, Experienced, Turnaround, Energetic, Resourceful, M&A, Investment Banking, Strategic Advisory, Business Development, Cochran Edwards Capital, Costa Rica Partners, and Carbon Beach Partners, 206-552-0665 or 424-234-9993,

4,913 1,939 24


Geschäftsführer • B2G AG

  • Investment Banking
  • Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany

M&A Drug Dealer (WW)

1,873 1,465 2

Michael Mogin

Principal • Mogin Associates M&A

  • Investment Banking
  • San Mateo, California - United States

I represent sell side and buy side clients in arranging mergers and acquisitions of privately owned companies with annual revenues to $50 million, with emphasis on manufacturing, distribution, and business services.

6,399 2,283 1

George O'Brien

President • G.T. O'Brien, Inc.

  • Investment Banking
  • Manchester, New Hampshire - United States

Merger,Acquisition Valuation Specialist

2,697 1,585 0

Brace Carpenter

Partner • Carpenter Hawke

  • Investment Banking
  • Boston, Massachusetts - United States

30 years in M&A Advisory Services. Representing Sellers of Manufacturing, Services, Distribution and Funeral companies. Also do Buy side representation.

6,255 2,359 1

Greg Kraft


  • Investment Banking
  • West End, British Columbia - Canada

I am a shell broker. I have shells ranging from $75K for pinks, and $225K for QBs. I also I have an extensive world-wide network that presents me with many unique situations. I have excellent sources for IR. I have been in the investment business for over 35 years. Mail me at or call 702 609-7124

5,886 2,454 66

Donald Hateley

Partner • Hateley & Hampton

  • Investment Banking
  • Santa Monica, California - United States

California licensed Attorney, CPA, and real estate broker. 33 years transactional experience as an Investment Banker. Former CEO of FINRA broker-dealer and currently represent 2 FINRA investment banking firms. Law practice is transactional based with an emphasis on SEC filings and reporting along with corporate compliance.

11,653 3,516 0

Simon Erblich

Founder • First Line Capital/IPO Village

  • Investment Banking
  • New York, New York - United States

For over two decades, First Line Capital, LLC has been faithfully providing comprehensive investment banking services to early stage public and private companies internationally. Visit us at

20,594 5,339 2

Pravesh Bhandari

Executive Director • GF Capital Foundation

  • Investment Banking

12 6 0

Marty Cunnane


  • Investment Banking
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida - United States

30 yrs Wall Street experience ..... finance, awareness, acquisitions ..... currently looking for pink sheet shell w/conv debt (current or delinquent) on terms to be worked out with seller. Open to working partnership. Will buy free trading stock /conv debt in OTC companies. Also, Proven Reg A+ program. Contact for details.

11,612 3,643 3