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Jan 5, 2019Need investors for major Hollywood Biblace film called
"Cyrus" The Great"
It's about the Persian king who was prompted by God to rebuild the jewish temple and bring
back the Isrealites to their true home.
He was also a king for human free rights.
This film has everything going for it in the market
pertaining to the climate that is going on in our politics and society right now.

We need 15 million to shoot this project outside the United States.
If we shot in the US we would need around 90 to 100 million.
The executive producer worked for 30 years as senior executive at Paramount Viacom studios
and is now putting together this major epic.
We are in pre-production and have all directors , producers , writers in production crew in place.

We have a detailed pitch deck and business budget plan
with videos and links apon request.

Past Biblacle and historic action films have made over 100 millions of profit
for example Mel Gibsons "The Passion" and Russel Crowes "Gladiator"
and till this day continue to pull in revenue.

People love good action biblace and historic films.

Invest & Own a Piece of Cyrus The Great
We aren't entirely sure how you got here, on this page we mean. But, we know one thing for certain, it wasn't by chance. It's not every day that you are presented the opportunity to participate in the revenues of an action film. It's not every day that you have the chance to help tell the story of one of the most extraordinary individuals to ever walk the Earth. It's not every day that you can make history.

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