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Convenience Store In Jalisco "La Esquina"

convenience store in sale, has: room with closet and bathroom, ideal equipment for your work, inventory to the day, scale, own refrigerators, licenses of high beverages and low graduation, exclusive with crown, abarrote merchandise, medicine, cremeria and perfumery, point of sale.

Healthy Food Franchise

Jugos Candy franchise, a growing brand in Monterrey: -Includes furniture and equipment -Know how the business -Key on hand- -Recipe book -coaching and assistance

Butchershop In Monterrey

Butchershop located in San nicolas

Convenience Store Jalisco

It has a valid license, overtime, alarm, security cameras, merchandise to work immediately.

Convenience Store In CDMX

Convenince store for sale in Mexico City.

Butcher Shop In "Mercado De Abastos"

Butcher shop established since 1990, located in the 2nd. Market Supply Section, in Guadalajara. It has two views, one inside the market and another one towards the main avenue (Av. Del Mercado). It is transferred with complete furniture: - Special slicer for exclusive use of meat. - Windmill. -...

Convenience Store Jalisco

Business has been running for more than 15 years, fully stocked and working 100%, in the downtown area of ​​the city of Guadalajara. Located in front of the main entrance of the municipal market near the Temple of the Chapel of Jesus. The business has a municipal license of mini-supermarket as...

Gourmet Bakery For Sale

Sugadely is a company with 7 years of operation as a cafeteria-gourmet bakery, it has all the know how of how to produce and sell our products, which makes it a complete business model and very attractive to operate. The brand is registered with the IMPI and it is a high performance business and...