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Assisted Living Facilities For Sale In Michigan Ranked By Popularity

We currently have 5 Assisted Living Facilities in Michigan for sale. Tags: long term care facilities, senior housing and nursing homes

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Assisted Living Facility & Much More

Overview Description There is no place like home, except perhaps for this very special Assisted Living facility in Northwest Michigan. The surrounding environment is not just beautiful and peaceful, it is a reflection of the very caring staff who make up the overall culture of a special place. This...


24 Bed Assisted Living Facility For Sale

Auburn, MI. I recently had to foreclose on my 9800' facility that I sold 2011. Interior of building needs cosmetic update and new furnishings. Roof, floors, ceilings, septic, fire/smoke detection, nurses call stations, well and more have all been replaced or updated with new. Business has been closed...


24 Bed ALF For Sale Bay City / Midland

Briefly, My 24 bed ALF has been repo'd by me. It is now vacant and ready to update. Beautiful 5 1/4 acres and all infrastructure updated along with floors, ceilings, generator, septic and well, roof. I have had it kept up this year, in and out. It is ready to update cosmetics. $450,000.00. Cash deal...


Multiple Location Adult Foster Care Homes

Located in Wayne and Ingham Counties, these adult foster care homes host up to 11 residents. They have long standing residents and are paid through various agencies. The asking price of $299,000 is for the business and does not include the real estate. The real estate is available under a separate transaction...


Possible AFC Home

Facility is presently set up and licensed as an AFC home. The home presently has no clients and is used as the owner's private residence. This can be a stand alone purchase, or part of a package with the operating facility located @ 4327 Gladys, which is just across the street and has 6 clients living...