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Food Distributors For Sale In Kings County, NY Ranked By Popularity

We currently have 2 Food Distributors in Kings County, NY for sale. Tags: wholesale food companies, wholesale grocery businesses

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Dry Goods Distributor In Kings County, NY

Dry Goods(non foods) distributor to supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the 5 boroughs. 40 year old company distributes bags, papers goods,cleaning, sundries, health and beauty products,spices, sundries,over the counter medicines to supermarkets and grocery stores, etc. No Food. 500 accounts.4...

Low Cost Distribution Business $29,900 Brooklyn

Low Cost Distribution Business $29,900 Brooklyn Territory Currently Available. Exciting and affordable distribution concept. Providing gourmet coffee and specialty beverages to businesses. Advanced technology provides touch of a button convenience and easy refill efficiency. Generate recurring income...