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Gas Stations For Sale In Queens County, NY Ranked By Popularity

We currently have 2 Gas Stations in Queens County, NY for sale. Tags: truck stops, petrol stations

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Branded Gas And Repair In Queens County, NY

High Volume Branded Gas Station and Repair Shop. This is a fantastic location on one of the most heavily traveled roads in Queens. The station pumps over 130,000 gallons per month at a profit of .15 cents per gallon. The repair portion of the business grosses approx. $60,000 per month with 65% gross...

Gas Station In Queens County, NY

This branded gas station is a part of a busy commercial zone in Queens. It pumps 150,000 gallons a month and has a very spacious convenience store, which has beer, cigarettes, coffee, breakfast and more. Rent is just $5,000 a month. It is a self-serve gas station with a canopy. Seller does not sell...