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Distilleries For Sale In North America Ranked By Popularity

We currently have 3 Distilleries in North America for sale. Tags: micro distilleries, alcoholic beverage manufacturers

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US Whiskey Distillery

A 20 + year old whiskey, bourbon and cordial manufacturer is for sale. The current owner is retiring. The company produces award winning spirits that are distributed throughout North America from two US facilities/ distilleries. We are only interested in speaking with viable buyers. If interested...


Las Vegas Distillery

This is your chance to own the first Distillery in the city of Las Vegas. This Distillery is distributed and sold in local Lee's liquor and local bars. The Distillery has an events center where people can buy direct and take tours. Sale includes all equipment. Please contact for equipment list and...


Well Established Farm Microbrewery & Distillery

• Turnkey Farm Brewery / Farm Distillery. • One of Central New York’s most established brands. • Micro-brewery began operations in 2010. • Initially sold all beer on a to-go basis with samples available at the brewery. • Made the commitment become a farm-brewery using local products in 2012. • Operates...