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Injection Molding Businesses For Sale In North America Ranked By Popularity

We currently have 2 Injection Molding Businesses in North America for sale. Tags: injection molding companies, robber molding businesses


Plastics Extrusion & Injection Molding Manufacture

Plastic Manufacturing Business in a Specialized Industry Highly differentiated business focusing on high-end, high-margin, technically advanced plastic components for major US manufacturers. Most components use engineering materials to replace metal components for plastics in pumps, controls, and...


Designer And Builder Of Plastic Injection Molds

For 35 consecutive years, this attractive, business has had two reliable, solid, profit centers: 1. Designing and Building Molds for the Plastic Injection Molding Industry 2. Specialty Machining of Short Run Parts for a Variety of Industries While it has been a great run for the founder-owner-seller,...