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Offshore Banks For Sale In North America Ranked By Popularity

We currently have 4 Offshore Banks in North America for sale. Tags: offshore banking licenses, bank charters

Popular Categories of Offshore Banks For Sale


Cayman Bank Offshore for Sale

Offshore Bank operating with client portfolio, CC and deposits. Assets $50M Equity $5M Price $12M POF required and CV for each buyer 5% commission payable from buyer


Belize Offshore Bank for Sale

Bank offshore in Belize including loan portfolio, CC, debit cards and deposits. Assets $250M Capital $24M Price: 40M POF and CV is required for each buyer 5% commission payable from buyer


Offshore Banking License Caribbean

License type A able to take deposits within Saint Lucie in addition to Offshore Capital paid $2.2M Deposited $300K with the Development Bank in Saint Lucia Price $3.5M


Offshore Banks For Sale/Investment Opportunities

We have several opportunities waiting for the right investor: Puerto Rico Offshore Bank for sale: 1.In business for more than 10 years. [ external link ] equity investment of $4.8 Million. 3.Deposits over $102.5 Millions [ external link ] $67.0 MillionsCredits over $32.5 Millions 5.Customers: over 1,500 Active...