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Recording Studio

This is an Asset Sale- for the furniture, fixtures & equipment - facility cost & 1,000,000 to build - cost to replace - approx. $200,000 - the main control board value is approx. $600,000 to $1,000,000 in present value - Keith Richards, Eric Clapton & many others have recorded here.


Professional Video & Audio Recording Studios NYC

State Of The Art Video/Audio Recording Studios NYC Professional recording studio designed by top-tier Architectural Firm specialized in the field. The facility was built from the ground up on a floating foundation with suspended ceilings and three wall isolation system on a newly renovated building...


State Of The Art Professional Recording Studio

State of the Art Professional Recording Studio, 6,500 sq ft for $822,999 US. Ideal for Record Companies/Indie Labels, International artists/bands/producers or just to secure your personal wealth in the 2 large real bank vaults. It was originally owned by the Label "Disques Star" The Infrastructure...


Media Production Company For Sale

I have a full media production company complete with 925 sq ft of space. Sound room, Production room, storage and 3 acres of outdoor space for a wooded canvas. Complete Audio, Video Production, distribution and Marketing is in place. The Building, Equipment, and Systems all go with it and is transferable...