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Oil Wells in Creek and Okfuskee Co. for Sale

Huge behind potential! Great surface equipment available! Could make a good return with WTI now of USD 70++ per barrel 3 active wells pumping about 20 BOPD. The remaining wells will need a small amount of money to turn them back online real quick. All wells located in Okfuskee and Creek counties,...

Ohio 850 Wells, 2 SWIW, 50k HBP, 10k Deep Rights

Ohio 850 Wells, 2 SWIW, 50k HBP, 10k Deep Rights

845 Wells +/- 50,000+/- Acres HBP 400 Wells Producing +/- Willing To Sell Individual Fields By Gas System. Willing To Sell Only Producing Wells (We repair down wells in house) Willing To Oversee Production and Repairs For New Owners Seller Transitioning Into Service Company Current production...

Ohio Oil & Gas Wells with Deep Horizontal Rights

Company owns 63 wells in the Appalachian Basin producing approx. 300 MCFPD and 10 BOPD from the Clinton Sand at approx. 5,000 ft on 40 ac spacing. Spacing in Ohio can now be drilled on 20 ac spacing due to the proven tight Clinton sand drainage recover area. Therefore many additional new locations...

Harvest of Left Behind Reserves

Small oil property with existing wells and original wells never recovered a quarter of what they should have. Never fracked and poorly operated. Reply with phone number. $10,000 min investment. Producing and work over.

Silverado 3D Oil PUD Prospect /District 3/ Texas

Silverado 3D Oil PUD Prospect /District 3/ Texas

Seismic And Geologic Summary Our firm has generated and assembled Time Structure and Amplitude Maps, Geology, 3D Seismic Exhibits, and Engineering data for a 3 tO 4 well, NO-PIPE, 8,800' drilling program. The Initial well is positioned to Develop significant Proven and Probable Undeveloped Oil zones...

38% Working Interest in Austin Chalk Wells

38% Working Interest in Austin Chalk Wells

For sale is a 38.000% working interest and 28.120% revenue interest in all rights to the base of the Austin Chalk formation in the 266-acre Lester Unit in Gonzales County, Texas. Asking price is $357,500. The Lester Unit contains two wells: The Lester Unit #1 well drilled in 1992 as a horizontal...

Nolan Co. TX Leases/Wells for Sale

We have 3 leases containing 4 wells in Nolan Co. TX for sale. WI: 100%, NRI: 75%. Contact for detail.

Current Production with Rework and New Drill

Shallow proven production that needs rework, injection well switched, and a new drill location. Wells are down to 2-3 BOPD but can produce 5-7 BOPD with switched injection well. Great potential for only 125k for all equipment and production. 2 adjoining leases. 75%NRI and 81.25%NRI. Has 3 phase convertor,...