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Oil Well For Sale - Henderson County, Texas

I have this well being auction off on Oil Gas Clearinghouse, No Reserve. I set it up to sell less than what it’s worth. Basically I used my own formula when I bid on leases like this and hopefully pick it up “cheap”. I have a project in West Texas that I need to focus on so I am passing this well on...

Oil Well Reactivation

4 or 5 producers, 1 swd, Texas Gulf Coast, Frio (~5,800') Production was over 40 bopd when last fully active with ESPs. High water volumes but onsite SWD. Wells are generally equipped, two full tank batteries with lots of tanks along with separators and injection pump. Everything is shut in and leases...

50% Available 600' New Drill Potential 3-5 Oil

We have 50% available of a 600' New Gun Sight Oil Well. Wells in field past IP at 3-7 bbls day. We will drill a second well for water injection. You get same interest as first well. $1K per each 1% , would like a 5% minimum but would help less if need. Or take full $50K or $15-$25K

100% mineral rights for 320 acres in West Texas oi

100% mineral rights for 320 acres in West Texas oil country. This property is reported to be in the path of oncoming oil well development. Wells in surrounding area generating 1000 - 1,800 bbls/day from the Wolfcamp and Sprayberry formations. These are cotton farms, all flat easy drilling locations,...

Private Money for Your Deal # 350 bpd

Private investor will secure and fund an oil well that produces 350 barrels of oil per day "current". The investor will inject capital into the project for 5 years, taking 70% of the production and then giving the 70% back to the owner after 5 years. It doesn't matter where the oil well is located...

Points Available In Oil Well 2.1Mmbo

Reserves show 2.1 mmbo and 21 bcf of gas from tier 1 engineering firm. Onshore southern Louisiana oil and gas well to be drilled into 200 acre reservoir. Project cost to investor $3.6 Million. Life of well is 18 years based on 3 zones at 4-6 years each. Based on $50 Oil $3.00 gas initial production...

Massive Dolomite Oil Target

33 years ago, our geophysicist discovered America’s largest oil well at the Grant Canyon Oil Field, in Railroad Valley, Nevada. Producing 4,300 barrels per day and over 21 million barrels of oil and a US Record well. His next well location is 50 miles north on a photocopy dolomite block that is 8X...

Low Risk Oil Well Re-Completion Opportunity

This a low risk re-work/re-completion opportunity located in Madison Co, Miss. 5 oil sands, with the best having a 100 BOPD potential. Others possibly 30-40 BOPD potential. Possible oil reserves of 588,000 all zones. I am looking for partners to take Working Interest. 1% for $4,500, 10% for $45,000,...

Upstream Oil Well and Drilling Company

I am looking for a partner so that we can work together as Joint Venture in the Ghana Oil industry as to Upstream Company in Ghana and around the African content as Oil and Gas Exploration and Production I am a newly formed company that will specialize in Drilling & Completion Services, Exploration...

West TX Producing Oil Well Interest For Sale

Single horizontal well recently drilled in the heart of the Permian Basin on 360 acre lease. Well producing + 400 bopd and +300 mcfpd in Wolfcamp "A" (surrounded by similar or better producing wells) with other zones behind pipe 1/8th carry (12.5%WI) with acreage. Heads up on drilling second...

Texas Oil Well/ Partner Wanted

Project 1. Investment level 250,000 USA Dollars Opportunity to invest in a Texas Oil Well Development. Seller is offering a 25% equity interest in a Oil Well that is currently being developed. Investment would go towards the completion of the well, and for the Frac Services required to extract...

New Oil Well Investment Opportunity

We are looking for an investor in a new well in Wyoming presently controlling 2400 acres with proven production . Looking to JV or sell a % of the first well. Previous well produced over 600 barrels of oil per day. Two formations

Looking For Direct Oil Investors For Oil Projects

I am looking for a direct oil Investors or oil buyer for oil Wells projects. 1. I am Direct with owners . Wyoming oil project available for purchase option, 13 oil well producing, 26 oil wells need to be reworked and 65 approved on geology report, 3300 acres and over 6 million barrels of oil on reserve...

New 3d Drill Opportunity To Develop Oil Discovery

Established Texas Operator has generated and assembled Time Structure and Amplitude Maps, Geology, 3D Seismic, and Engineering data for a 10,100', No Pipe, Upper-Middle Wilcox well to Develop significant Proven and Probable Undeveloped Oil and Gas Condensate Reserves structurally high to a New Field...

I am new to oil and gas I invested in a oil well i

I am new to oil and gas I invested in a oil well in Texas. Would like to network with others from Kentucky as well as Indiana Ohio . Will be looking to finance well in future. I will also be looking at investing in wells in ohio and kentucky

Looking For Shallow Oil Wells In Louisiana

Hi. I'm looking for small shallow oil well operators in the Louisiana area who have wells that need an investor to partner with to bring back online. Please contact me asap;

Looking For Direct Oil Well Investors- Texas Proj.

I have a few amazing oil well projects, in Texas, Permian Basin Producing Oil Wells for Sale I am direct to the owner 2,000 acres 12 Producing Wells Positive Cash Flow Room to drill 20 New Horizontal Wells 100% Interest Operations 15 Barrels of Oil Per Day

Oil well lease,( 160 acre ) with 1 producing wells

Oil well lease,( 160 acre ) with 1 producing wells, 1 shut dn with hole in tubing, 1 SWDW including tanks, injection pump etc 75% nri 1 partners, all wells with full equip, 40D jacks, etc Crain City field,Grey Sand 2500',Union County, EL Dorado, Arkansas, producing continually since drilled 1982 Pumper...

Texas Oil & Gas Well Investment Opportunities

Project 1. Investment level 250,000 USA Dollars Opportunity to invest in a Texas Oil Well Development. Seller is offering a 25% equity interest in an Oil Well that is currently being developed. The investment would go towards the completion of the well, and for the Frac Services required to extract...

1% WI For Sale In Horizontal Well In TX

I have 1% WI for sale in a new horizontal oil well in Roberson County, TX near Herne, TX on Rt 190. I am looking for $50,000 OBO for my investment into the Buda & Austin Chalk formations. I receive approx. $1,000 per month in revenue from this well which includes oil & gas sales.

Texas Oil Lease/Oil Well Funding Needed

A Texas company, needs $500,000.00 to fund the purchase of one or several oil leases/oil wells to rework and bring to production and possible new drills. Need a direct loan or an investment and will consider any viable or workable options. Offer payback at 25% of production and 25% ROI after payback.

1% WI for Sale In New Horizontal Oil Well

I have for sale a 1% working interest in a 1 year old horizontal oil well in Robertson County, TX near Herbert, T X. Asking $35 K for this. It has been producing for 1 year with average income of $900 over this time period.

Oil Well Projects Available

Hi I am direct with a couple of oil well projects. Are you interested in diversifying your investment? Take a look at oil, gas, & minerals. Rights we have for sale in Texas, Wyoming and Oklahoma. I direct to the CEO/Owner. I can get you in touch. Thanks

Very Low Risk, Immediate Revenue/Cash Flow

24 Oil Well buyout with 1500+ acres (minerals). 1 Billion/year potential.

Texas Oil Well Project Producing 360 Barrels Day

Current Production: 34 wells total Jade 1: 27 BOEPD Jade 2: 50 BOEPD Jade 2A: 210 BOEPD Jade 5: 90 BOEPD TOTAL: 377 BOEPD Seller is 41 for 41 hitting oil in the Marble Falls formation at 6,000’. Oil vs. Gas is about 50/50. There is room for some drilling. Please call me with any questions.I...

I am looking to meet people in Oil & gas, and bu

I am looking to meet people in Oil & gas, and buy an oil well

Oil Lease/Oil Well Funding Needed

Need minimum $250,000.00 maximum $500,000.00 to purchase Texas oil leases/oil wells rework and bring to production. I can insure 100% & no default. Direct discussions required for Terms & Conditions.

Highly Profitable Oil Well Service Company

This company provides a variety of oil well services including general well maintenance/work overs (historically 70-80%), completions, re completions, hotshot service, and plug and abandoning services (20-30%). Since inception, the company was built around an understanding of market fluctuations and...

Rods, Tubing, Pump Jacks For Sale

Equipment Listing #8112 1.5" tubing still in hole 5000ft+/- Slim hole rods still in hole 5000ft +/- 2 3/8ths upset tubing in hole 100,000ft +/- Standard Rods for tubing above 100,000ft +/- Alten, Oil well 40 units good condition Alten, Oil Well 57 units good condition Make...

Good day Folks, We just made a nice Yegua Oil Wel

Good day Folks, We just made a nice Yegua Oil Well in Liberty County Tx, The prospect showed up very clearly using our proprietary satellite remote sensing tools. James Reardon [ external link ]

NOW, the time to invest directly into an oil well

NOW, the time to invest directly into an oil well(s). The perfect situation is here for the oil investor: 1.) oil prices have increased 28% post election since 2000. 2.) the industry has been "cleansed", insurance salesmen went back to selling insurance, while doctors are not attempting to operate wells,...

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) With Slotting Perforat

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with Slotting Perforation Technology (SPT) - Hydro-Slotting Perforation $ 1 Million dollars x 4 Years = $ 10 Million dollars ? [ external link ] [ external link ] Is it profitable to invest in Enhanced Low-productive...

Looking for interesting oil well trades for a gold

Looking for interesting oil well trades for a gold producing California gold claim.

Company has proprietary and tested chemical proces

Company has proprietary and tested chemical process to increase down hole pressure in marginal oil well fields. Looking for financial partners to acquire producing oil leases and establish lab to treat oil properties. Expect at least 40% increase in production starting within 45-60 days after injection. Field...

It's the 4th Tax Quarter, & those professionals i

It's the 4th Tax Quarter, & those professionals in the higher tax bracket, FIND RELIEF QUICK! Now is the time to invest in oil well development. Key factors: An oil investment can be deductible 100% from any type of income (Est. 80% 1st Yr). Also, NDC owns Low Risk "Already Proven" oil fields; & with...