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Restaurants For Sale In Oregon Ranked By Popularity

We currently have 5 Restaurants in Oregon for sale. Tags: restaurant listings, food businesses

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Great Franchise Opportunity-Multiple Loc.

An up and coming franchise business in the Northwest with net profit for the first third of 2019 exceeding $142k and at this pace will exceed expectations $500k net profit in 2019. These numbers are after the owners salary. The first store opened in September 2014 and to provide a quality dining experience...

Great Mexican Restaurant

Taco Time Franchise in the top 3rd of the store ranking nation wide.

Fast Food Franchise For Sale

An up and coming franchise business in the Northwest. The first of the two stores was open 2016 and to provide a quality dining experience for a reasonable cost. This franchise locations are open in shopping malls where there is lots of walking traffic and people ready to eat. For both locations, the...

Asian Themed Profitable Restaurant With Property

Long standing Chinese restaurant with great reviews. Property alone is worth $1,200,000. Building is in great shape. Owners have been winding down but in prior years this business netted over $300,000. Large bar area with room for bands, which have been a strong draw for the local community.

Teriyaki Grill

A great family run business with a large following. The owner creates tradition rice plates with Teriyaki Beef, Chicken or Pork. The teriyaki sauce used in the food is his own personal recipe which can be negotiated into the sale of the business. The food is authentic Polynesian with a touch of the...