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OTC Listed Shells For Sale Ranked By Popularity

100% Clean Virgin Public Shell Company Entity

I have a Clean Public Shell Entity, which may be used for Reverse Merger. - Reporting to the SEC/Ready for OTCBB Market trading upon merger, uplist to OTCQB upon application + fee - All filings/Audits Current - Minimal liabilities/No Litigation Pending I have a clean, virgin shell entity that...

Clean Public Shell for OTCBB or OTCQB

I have a non-trading, clean public shell entity that can be used for a OTC BB or OTCQB listing upon a merger with an operating entity. With an operating business transferred or merged into the shell entity, and fulfilling all SEC disclosure statement filings, you can have your company publicly-traded....

OTCQB + Go Public Consultant

We offer a clear affordable solution for your company to go public by working together with attorneys. We manage the entire process from start to finish. Our straightforward approach has allowed us to streamline a timetable that is both reasonable and realistic. We will provide you with the support...

OTC Pink Shell -Clean, High Delivery

Nevada corp. OTC Pink Sheet. Reporting Company. 67 Shareholders Shell entity. Total issued 20.2M Control Deliverable 20M 99% DTC YES Preferred Stock- $.0001 par value; none issued or outstanding. Common Stock- $.0001 par value; 500M shares authorized; 20.2M shares outstanding Price...

Go Public Via Reg A

We specialize in 'going public' transactions. With a Regulation A filing, we can coordinate your efforts with our team in order to produce a public company with free trading shares. Your investors can be non-accredited people and the amount of money you can raise is capped at %5 million in a 12 month...

Stuttgart Stockholm Mirror Listed Shell

NGM in Stockholm and Boerse Stuttgart offers less cost, better liquidity, and greater access to capital than the OTC markets in the U.S.A. Anyhow we can offer a dual listing with at the OTCQX International, for companies already listed on a qualified stock exchange in EU. The Stockholm stock markets...

Clean OTC Shell w/ Symbol Go Public Prices Rising

Updated February 27, 2018. I have a publicly traded shell company, on OTC markets, completely clean, no liabilities and easy to audit if you plan to file an S-1 or Form 10 with the SEC. I have supplied dozens of these companies with zero problems or complaints. Ready for your name, new symbol if you...

Reverse Merger Shell Entity

My firm can help with your ‘going public’ process. We have a public shell entity that may be used towards reverse merging your business towards an OTC Bulletin Board, or OTC Markets QX/QB quotation. My firm is knowledgeable about various industries and can call upon our deep domain experience or from...

Going Public In the U.S.

As you are probably aware, the recent rise in the U.S. Stock Market, combined with better economic news has resulted in an increase demand for foreign public companies to be dual listed on the U.S. Market. There isn't any reason to buy a U.S. Pubic shell for a few hundred thousand dollars and go through...

Clean, Fully Reporting OTCBB/OTCQB Ready Shell

I have a Clean Public Shell Entity, which may be used for Reverse Merger. - Reporting to the SEC/Ready for OTCBB Market trading upon merger & registration, OTC Markets OTCQB, uplist to NASDAQ Capital Market (senior exchange) within 12 months if you qualify - All filings/Audits Current - Minimal...

Pink Sheet Non-Shell Excellent Reverse Merger

Excellent Pink Sheet Trading Shell Opportunity! Several market makers. Trades on OTC Pink (OTCMarkets). DTC Eligible. Incorporation Nevada. Non-Shell Email for more details. We also offer all SEC filing services which include Edgar and XBRL. This information is for informational...

Clean Public Shell OTCBB/OTCQB Ready

I have a Clean Public Shell Entity, which may be used for Reverse Merger. - Ready for OTCBB Market trading upon merger, OTC Markets OTCQB upon application & qualification - Current filings/Audits - No Litigation Pending - Never had operations/or business in it before I have a clean, virgin...

Public Shells (Specialize in Chinese Buyers)

We Specialize in Chinese transactions. We have closed 25 deals in Hong Kong and Mainland China over the past 18 months. We have a large inventory of Public Shells. We offer the cleanest shells with the lowest Prices. OTC/QB, (Shells and Non Shells) and Pink Sheet Shells. Tell us what you need and we...

Help You Go Public Advisory IPO-Reverse Merger

Becoming a public company is a big step in the life of your company and can be extremely time consuming and costly. Our advisory firm can help make the process less stressful by helping you with providing a fully-reporting public shell company, or assist in filing a new filing. In addition, we look...

Go Public + Consulting Services

I can create a brand new virgin public clean shell for your business needs. This shell will be completely brand new, never having operated any business before, fully reporting with the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission). If you have a company with an operating business, this could be the best way...

OTCBB with Financing

Create your own OTCQB to establish a serious market presence for investors as a "reporting" public co. while retaining more equity control in your co. Once listed we can provide the initial stage financing using registered shares that will be created for this purpose. If you are a public company...

Trading OTC Non Shell Free Trading Shares

This is a trading non-shell, with free trading shares that can be uplisted to OTCQB to OTC Markets, ready for reverse merger or business combination transaction. If you are ready to merge or go public, this may be a good candidate. A Delaware Corp Reporting Company NON shell DTC- yes 326 Shareholders Minimum...

OTC Pink Sheet, Active, Trading, Available

Looking to sell an active, pink sheet traded, in good standing, 90-99% stock available, no debt or hard assets.

Otc Current Pink

otc current pink non shell dtc and dwac free trading yes delivers 99 %

4 Shells Available

Reporting Pink - $145K your cost All of the audits are completed and the only thing required to bring it current is for the buyer to pay a $3,000 (approximately) fee to OTC Markets. A further10,000 gets a listing on the QB. The company has several hundreds of thousands in convertible debt, and...

OTC Shell 15-12g Filer

Clean shell is now available for sale. This company was originally founded in 1972; its clients included Microsoft, American Express & British Telecom, and has been listed and trading on the OTC since 2005. It has filed form 15-12g, is incorporated in CA, has no debt and a low outstanding share count...

Go Public This Week $40k

US PubCo for sale /Merger State: West Virginia Only $25. Annual fees State filings current OTC Pink Authorised Capital: 500m Issued: 134m common 4.8m Preferred $1.00 par Float in DTC 13m Stock is very spread out with no large positions against you. While the stock is under...

Clean OTC Pink Shell For Sale/ Only 50K

50K. Control Block delivered pre RS. DTC, DWAC eligible. Debt included. Cash only.

Clean OTC Pink Shell For Sale

Clean Trading Shell for Sale (OTC) - Ready to go now! • FINRA Cleared • DTC Ready • 50K convertible debt 85 Plus % controlling interest! Ready to go! Principles only!

Clean OTC Pink Shell 50K~ Has Cash Flow

50K. Control Block delivered pre RS. DTC, DWAC eligible. Aged Convertible Debt included that will generate 110K at today's pps Cash only.

Pubco Available For Cash Or Cash/ Equity $30k + Eq

OTC Pink registered with DTC and the FAST DWAC system for quick electronic stock delivery directly into brokerage accounts. Delivered to suit buyers needs with only 13m in the float (DTC) Stock is very spread out with no large positions against you. While the stock is under .02 news or a small...

Public Shell Company

We have several OTC non-reporting entities that can be utilized for a merger with an operating business, or we can help with an S-1 or Form 10 depending which fits your needs best. We are a 'going public' consultant/advisory firm based in San Francisco, CA. If you have any questions, concerns about...

OTC Pink Current Shell

OTC Pink Current Shell - Trading Price .01 600,000,000 AUTH 120,000,000 Float 50,000,000 (share) Note included in price Will Entertain 90% Cash 10% Equity

We have an OTC Pink Current Shell with free tradin

We have an OTC Pink Current Shell with free trading shares available. Low float and ideal share structure with aged debt. We recently launched a new technology project in the travel space that accepts Bitcoin and utilizes secure block-chain technology. We are looking for for capital to finance a customer...

OTC Pink 50K/ DTC And DWAC Eligible 85% Delivered

This is an opportunity to double your investment in less than 60 days. There is a 10K note that has matured and another 30K due in March. 50 K Cash.

OTC Pink Current Shell With Free Trading Shares

Company Profile. Stockholder's Equity. * Preferred stock, par value $0.01 per share; 5 million shares authorized, none issued. * Common stock, Class A, par value $0.001 per share; 120 million shares authorized 1,178,762 issued and outstanding. *Common stock, Class B, par value $0.001 per...

Otc Current Pink

otc current pink dtc yes free trading non shell current in filings

Telupay International, Inc. (OTC Pink: TLPY) Prof

Telupay International, Inc. (OTC Pink: TLPY) Profile as of February 1, 2017 Corporate Name Telupay International, Inc. Trading Symbol TLPY Primary Trading Market OTC Bulletin Board (Pink) Alternate/Dual Lisitng Market n/a Recent Share Price $0.0005 Exchange Act of 1934 Filer Yes Date of Incorproation 2005 State...

Otc Current Pink

otc current pink dtc yes and dwac non shell free trading yes 99 % delivered

Public Shell For Sale With Cash

I Currently Have a Otc Pinksheet Dtc Non-Shell for Sale with Cash to fund your Current Business With Working Capital or For Your Next Acquisition. Pls E-mail Me for More Details on this Shell ...

Nevada Public Shell for Sale Available Immediately

Nevada public shell for sale. OTC listed, non reporting, been delinquent for 8 years from the Nevada secretary of state. to keep it like this $60,000. if you want it cleaned up & fully reporting, the price is $100,000. If interested, please provide a contact number where we can reach you.

Otc Dwac Pub Co

Otc current pink that delivers 99 %. The company is also dtc and dwac. delivers over 40 million free trading shares.

OTC Pink Current Trading $100k

OTC Pink Current Trading - I will guide and assist you to become a custodian and controlling shareholder of a Nevada OTC trading company and restore the company to Pink Current status.

Buy Public Company - One Stop Solution $95,000

Public Company Info Value $95000 Inventory # A000120 Primary Trading Market OTC Non Reporting Pink Alternatte/Dual Lisitng Market To be made available Recent Share Price 0.01 Exchange Act of 1934 Filer To be made available Date of Incorproation 1977 State of Incorporation West Virginia DTC...

Otc Pinksheet Shells With Funding

I Have Three Otc Pinksheet Shells With Cash for your company or to fund your Acquisition. Pls email me for More info on this Phenomenal Deal.

Publicly Trading Shell

Public Shell DTC eligible... Convertible Debt...OTC Pink Sheet/Trades Daily... Similar Shell average cost $125,000.00 available for $90,000.00 ...Legal Council available on request...Consultants/Attorneys/ Joint Ventures Welcome!

Clean OTC Pink Shell For Sale/Only 50K

Pink shell for sale. 50K. Control Block delivered pre RS. DTC, DWAC eligible. Debt included. Cash only.

Otc Current Pink

otc current pink non shell dtc yes free trading yes 99 % delivered

Otc Current Pink

otc current pink non shell 20 million free trading current in filings dtc - yes delivers 99 %

Otc Current Pink

We have a OTC current pink for sale. The pub co delivers 99 % which is DTC with shares in the system. Checked as non shell company with free trading shares. all filing are up to date with no litigation.

Otc Current Pink

otc current pink dtc yes non shell 20 million freetrading shares current and no litigation

Clean OTC Pink Shell With Operating Travel Company

Excellent share structure with convertible debt. Unforeseen and unexpected family issue forced us to "pause' the operation. We're looking for a partner that can help us get back to Current and resume business. We're creative, knowledgeable, and fair. Check out the travel site at [ external link ] and know...

Otc Public Company

otc current pink non shell dtc yes free trading yes current in filings

OTC Pink For Sale

Company filed a Form 15. No Gaps in SEC filings. Control block available. No Liabilities. Asking $75k.

Public Company Traded On OTC Markets $150,000

Buy Public Company - One Stop Solution OTC Markets - NASDAQ Pubcos Our Group is the largest small cap, micro cap and nano cap retailer of newly minted public companies and already quoted / trading public companies; listed on OTC . We offer a vast inventory of pubco vehicles and superior...

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