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Aug 18, 2018$60M IPO planned for early 4Q 2018. Proceeds used to acquire a U.S Fintech company. Current year revenue projected at $23M with EBITDA at $3M. A recent EY report states a right time, right place opportunity for the patented technology applications and market focus within the capital markets space. Scalability potential extends to infrastructure utilization by global exchanges, and adaptation to FX, fixed-income, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and institutional level cryptocurrency trading.

Our options are to issue $60M in standard equity/debt asset classes through Euronext, Clearstream, and Euroclear, or use alternative ICO type offering, known as a Security Token Offering (STO).

STOs are a fully regulated “digital share” that gives a right to the company’s equity, assets or a part of its revenue. As a cap raise structure, they are projected to have a market cap of $10 trillion by 2020. NASDAQ forecasts security tokens will take center stage in 2019.