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Jan 8, 2019This business offers day-1 cash flow, is totally passive, SBA approved, has a 20%+ ROI, and is a 100% tax deduction. I have included a summary below and have attached quite a bit of information but in short, the business supplies clean alkaline drinking water via vending machines, to business (B2B), consumers (B2C), and state and local governments (B2G) across the country.

The model is simple, you as the investor, become a partner on a fixed number of machines that are already in place and producing daily revenues. You receive 50% of the net profit on each machine you invest in; again, these are operating machines, creating instant cash flow and quick ROI.

This is a 12-year old, eco-friendly/GREEN water filtration system, vending company, that is registered with and approved by the SBA. They have the largest portfolio of water vending machines on the planet and they can be in over 25 vertical markets across the country. Their technology, filtration system, and business models deliver the highest quality alkaline water to communities across the board; with close to 3000 units operating nation-wide.

There is no franchise fee, no royalties, no ad fees, and no territory restrictions – this is a turnkey passive-income operation through partnership. the company maintains a continuous stock of machines in place around the country, producing revenue and creating instant cash flow along with quick ROI that you invest in.

As an example, using $560/month in water sales revenue per machine:
• 33-unit @ $280k investment - $127k total annual net
• 66-unit @ $561k investment - $254k total annual net
• 100-unit @ $850k investment - $321k total annual net

These examples represent the sale of alkaline water alone. They are very conservative numbers with actual average monthly revenues showing well over $570 per machine; that revenue number continues to grow. Moreover, the company has seen 200%+ growth each year since 2011 and 400% over 2017’s numbers. They closed 2017 with over $12 million in sales and an EBITDA over $2 million. 2018 will more than double these figures.

As an added incentive, the company is installing HD screens across the product line, adding an additional income stream to each machine. These screens show a continuous one-hour loop, offering educational videos on the benefits of alkaline water, as well as spots for local and national advertisers to purchase. These will be thirty-second ads at a cost of $350/ad. They are contracting national and local marketing companies to sell these spots to local and national businesses. This new stream of income is being launched in early 2019.