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Concession of Sparkling Mineral Water Source 90 Yr

Selling 100% shares of company that holds concession of premium naturally sparkling artesian water source since 2017. In production since 1891. 23,3 liters/sec, with two wells. Possible to increase outflow. Also included pure plain water source. Purveyors of the Royal House of Monaco by appointment...

Spanish and Portugal Breverages 100% sale of an

Spanish and Portugal Breverages 100% sale of an international wine production group with Iberia base and an annual Turnover of 200M€with 15% to 20% of net results.•+20 vineyards with 15 wineries •+1500ha active vineyards on +10.000ha •Annual grape production of +10.000ton •Exports 20 brands with sales on +100 markets...

Renewable Energies

Executive Summary. Project GreenTech is focused on the research an production of high added value fuels through the use of an innovative product that is forest torrified biomass. Advantages of the use of Torrified Biomass • Be from a renewable source • Low ash content less aggressive to the environment...

The Group Produces Metallic Structures for Bridges

The Group produces metallic structures for bridges, buildings and malls, parts for platforms (on-shore or off-shore) and car parts finishing. Developed a concept to a fast construct modular buildings overseas Potential work for naval and off-shore sector up to 45 meters length Part of the business...

Electric Bike Production

Leading bicycle production company is available for an Equity Infusion to scale capacity. 2017 annual production was more than # 15.000 bicycles (traditional and electrical). It can increase to +70.000 units in 5 years. The company also developes a mobility platform and electric tech charger. The...

Multi-brand Textile Co

It is a multi-brand producer of women's clothing (suits, skirts, coats) and man (suits, pants, blazers and others), whose shareholders intend to sell 100% of the capital and are available to provide support during a transition period. Some elements for your analysis.

Kappa Innovation

Executive Summary Company dedicated to the production of high precision plastic components satisfying customers from different industries. With the differentiation of the creation of specific methodologies through drawing and simulations. Becoming leaders in the sector

Delta Company

Executive Summary Company that extracts, processes, develops and supplies quality raw materials by measure to the ceramics industry. Thus presenting continuous technical assistance services to the ceramics industry around the world.