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Matt Mayfield • Camwood Capital Group

  • Private Equity
  • Austin, Texas - United States

Camwood is an operations focused buy-out firm headquartered in Austin, Texas that concentrates on high-quality companies in the lower middle market. Our acquisition approach is usually geared towards family or founder owned businesses in North America with either $2mm to $6mm of EBITDA or $8mm to $40mm in revenues and an industrial sector focus.

6,242 3,370 4

Nitin Mittal

Partner • Nimitta Ventures LLP

  • Private Equity
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

We are always looking for new opportunities with good growth potential and stable returns. We strongly prefer to work with a reliable and proven team.

5,983 3,271 1

Casey Minshew

COO • EnergyFunders

  • Private Equity
  • Houston, Texas - United States

EnergyFunders is a cutting edge Financial technology platform dedicated to disrupting the way people from all over the world invest directly into energy investments, starting with oil and gas.

12,168 4,883 1

Chris Michael

Managing Director • Oakeshott Capital

  • Private Equity
  • New York, New York - United States

I am looking to acquire businesses in New York City with a minimum of 15 employees. Management team must be in place. Industries include, but not limited to: manufacturing, supermarkets, child care, health care, and transportation. Contact (212) 678-2397 or

22,606 0 1

Hichem Benyamina

President • Goldgate Group

  • Private Equity
  • San Luis Obispo, California - United States

Passionate deal maker, visionary entrepreneur, astute investor and founder & president of Goldgate Group, Inc.; a private investment firm in the business of acquiring, investing in and advising established and promising companies globally. As a results-oriented deal maker, I strive to bridge sound business investments with capital.

4,263 2,892 1

Bryan Bloom

Managing Director • Bloom Squared, LLC

  • Private Equity
  • Solana Beach, California - United States

We do private equity and early stage. Our group and investors have expansive experience in many types of operating companies and situations. We look to buy existing companies that can be grown to their next level. Normally we don't need to keep the existing owner in place for a very long time - allowing them to move on to their next opportunity.

7,453 3,517 1

JostSeeger LLP

Partner • JostSeeger, LLP

  • Private Equity
  • West Hollywood, California - United States

JostSeeger’s Insurance Credit Enhancement program uses insurance policies to collateralize non-investment grade or speculative borrowers and provide them with more favorable loan terms than they could receive from a bank or credit union.

14,472 4,889 2

Warren Currier

Partner, Business Development • Capital Advisement LLC

  • Private Equity
  • Boston, Massachusetts - United States

Capital Advisement Identifies Potential Transactions in a Proprietary Manner, Approaches Owners about Selling The Company, and Subsequently Selects the Most Appropriate Source of Equity for the Acquisition.

8,407 3,706 1

Evgeni Kostitsyn

owner • CDK Music, Kostitsyn Intellect

  • Private Equity
  • Boca Raton, Florida - United States

I'm currently selling several high-profile intellectual property assets (media, medical, computer sofware, mechanical engineering) and businesses. I'm the owner:

10,655 4,254 11

Ameen Killidar

Managing Director • Malibu Holdings & Investments

  • Private Equity
  • Miami, Florida - United States

We specialize in project development and investments, including turnarounds, LBOs, brownfield projects, and M&A.

11,407 3,856 0

Dennis Groce

President • The Groce Organization

  • Private Equity
  • Woodruff, South Carolina - United States

The Groce Organization is a global leader. Throughout the years our vision has diversified into agricultural, textile machinery, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, apparel and hospitality.

4,737 3,108 14

Kate Faust

Partner, Business Development • Rockwood Equity Partners

  • Private Equity
  • Cleveland, Ohio - United States

Rockwood Equity Partners invests in corporate divestitures and privately-owned manufacturing, value‐added distribution, and industrial service businesses in North America with $2 to $7 MM in EBITDA. We have deep expertise serving businesses in regulated industries, including aerospace and defense, healthcare equipment, and process control.

5,864 3,228 3

Jill Foley

Vice-President • JAME Capital

  • Private Equity
  • Waterloo, Ontario - Canada

I have spent the last decade at one of North America's leading Aerospace manufacturing suppliers. I started my career there as an HR Assistant and when I left I was the Plant Manager of Manufacturing. I am fortunate to begin a new journey as of January 2017, looking to create a privately held portfolio of companies.

4,546 2,938 2

Kirt Primeaux

President • Primo Group Capital LLC

  • Private Equity
  • Lindale, Texas - United States

Looking for healthcare focused acquisitions. Clinical Laboratories. Specialty Clinics. Hospitals. Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Physician Practices. Connect and contact me.

4,254 2,906 1

Samuel Wolobah

PRIVATE CAPITAL & Manufact-REP • USA / International

  • Private Equity
  • New Jersey - United States

GG-Consulting, LLC represents: Private Capital Sources, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Suppliers of Leading Industrial Products Email:

4,003 2,842 7

Ed Gaffney

Managing Member • Roundwood Capital, LLC

  • Private Equity
  • Haverford, Pennsylvania - United States

Managing Member of private investment firm which owns Abbott Furnace Company, the leading manufacturer of continuous-flow industrial furnaces, and Rite-Air Mechanical Services, a leading commercial HVAC and refrigeration contractor servicing the Mid-Atlantic region.

9,550 3,819 0

Russell Covarrubia

Managing Director • Covarrubia & Company

  • Private Equity
  • Columbus, Ohio - United States

I'm the Managing Director of Covarrubia & Company. We're a boutique advisory firm that specializes in structuring, capital raising, and public offerings. We help coordinate with lawyers, auditors, investors, and the investment banks to guide you through the financial side of your business.

5,550 3,185 2

Robert Ripplinger

CEO • Scottish Royal Capital

  • Private Equity
  • Logan, Utah - United States

Former engineer and entrepreneur who started and built a number of successful technology and manufacturing companies and exited via sales (acquisitions.) Holds 13 U.S. patents. Now makes private equity investments in early-stage companies. Areas of interest include: technology, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas.

4,131 2,880 1

John Ragsdale

President • IRG Group

  • Private Equity
  • Charleston, South Carolina - United States

4,548 2,945 4

Pasquale Liberatore

CEO • global dev

  • Private Equity
  • Victoria, British Columbia - Canada

We are an international equity firm seeking investment in enhancement operations. We are currently active in Canada, United States, and Italy. All purchase options will be considered. Banking is of special interest. Our e-mail address is We can be reached at +778-440-0755 (Canada) or +206-922-2999(United States).

4,482 2,903 0

Leon Ye

Investment Sales • Oxford Property Group

  • Private Equity
  • New York, New York - United States

Commercial Real Estate Asset Acquisition, development site, Residential condo, Hotel, Retail, Merger Acquisition, Medical Technology, Infrastructure Development Acquisition, Construction Management, Gateway cities, NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami, Boston, SF. Investment, China.

22,578 6,068 1

Patrick Dunagan

Founder & Managing Director • North Range LLC

  • Private Equity
  • Seattle, Washington - United States

Patrick is passionate about building exceptional teams to tackle ambitious challenges. He founded North Range Ventures to create sustained, tangible value in everyday communities. Targeting niche acquisitions of companies with $500K to $2M in annual EBITDA.

9,023 3,512 0

gerardo del real

Senior Associate • Symmetrical Investments

  • Private Equity
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Prior to Symmetrical, Gerry assisted in the management of SilverStream Capital, a private equity firm with over $1.5 billion of AUM in the healthcare services, HCIT, consumer products and business services sectors. Prior to SilverStream Capital, Gerry worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Global Leveraged Finance Group wi

12,313 4,462 0

Ryan Gragg

  • Private Equity
  • Raleigh, North Carolina - United States

Asset management firm advisor focusing on the growth of micro-cap and small-cap firms with annual revenues up to $50MMUSD. Segment focus of the firm is technology, cold storage warehousing & distribution, manufacturing, and power generation.

5,578 3,156 1

Thomas Flynn

  • Private Equity
  • New York, New York - United States

We are a $1 billion private equity firm which invests in all sectors within North America and Europe. Our typical investments are in equity and debt in amount ranges from $10M - $75M. We are particularly interested in acquisition of non-performing and defaulted notes or other distressed situations.

22,598 6,055 1