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New - 11,000 5/8" Rods for Sale

New 11,500 - 5/8" rods for sale.

Seeking Partner for 30 bopd and 2 Re-entries

I am seeking a partner to fund this project with a 25% ownership to the partner/s stake for the financial assistance with an 8% interest payback over 5 years. The lease is approx. 160 acres in West Texas with 30 bopd from 2 producing wells. The upside is 2 re-entries on the lease confirmed by engineers...

Seeking To Purchase 50-100 BOPD South Texas

Seeking 50-100 BOPD production. 100% WI. South Texas preferred. Must have upside via future drilling locations.

Searching For Entrepreneurial Minded Investor

Searching for entrepreneurial minded investor to participate in oil & gas opportunities. Email for more information.

$5M - O&G PPM with Investment Firm Ready

$5 million Private Opportunity to Secure Funding for your Oil & Gas - Deal/Offer under your corporation. I paid for an O&G Private placement memorandum (PPM within the O&G industry completed with Nano Technology "water filtration" ) for a client that retained my office to negotiate the acquisition...

Year End Project - Billion Dollar Potential Great Terms

Have available a Re-entry Prospect that has a huge upside. Very Low Barrier To Entry with an Interesting Story located about 110 Miles East Of Memphis off I-40. Here are some of the highlights of the deal: 1. Located in Western Tennessee - More Closely related to the Illinois Basin and Michigan...

Seeking Partnership for 30 BOPD with 2 Re-entries

I am seeking a partner to fund this deal for a 25% ownership and 8% interest payback over 5yrs. Seeking $1,200,000. To purchase current production(from 2 wells) and re- enter 2 more wells on a 160 acre lease in W. Texas. These re-entries are confirmed by engineering reports to produce at least 40 bopd....

Shallow Well Exploration In Oklahoma

I have a seasoned very knowledgeable team consisting of a geologist, engineer and operator. We are drilling new wells in Oklahoma. You can get in cheap for a fair equity stake. Avg. ROI is about 12-13 months. Lets talk.

Searching for Tank Farms for Sale - United States

Have qualified clients wanting to acquire Massive Tank Farms in the United States (functioning). Houston or California preferably.

Gas Plant for Sale

15MMCFD Amine Plant full nace trim with a 450 HP Ariel 4JGH/4 NACE trim compressor