Brazilian Business / Executive Hotels For Sale

Jun 13, 2018 — Gentlemen, We introduce an excellent business opportunity to right potential investors who want aiming to expand its Hotels activities in Brazil in Executive Hotels (as Business Tourism) in our country. We are a Brazilian Consulting Company, specialized in M&A, and at request of our client, we...

Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturer For Sale

Jun 11, 2018 — We're a small medical devices manufacturer with over 20 years of presence in the Brazilian market. Our company has a portfolio of over 10 registered medical products. We have previously exported to France and Peru and currently export to Colombia. We are in the process of obtaining CE certification...

IT Services: Managed Services Consulting Oracle

Mar 19, 2018 — Business Description. Based in the Southwestern US, is a highly profitable provider of managed services and enterprise software implementation services for large global corporations. The Company has revenue of $9 million and EBITDA of $1.3 million for FY 2017. They have a specialized focus assisting...

Concentrated Grape Juice Producer in South America

Dec 9, 2017 — This company has, among other customers, Coca-Cola and AmBev. Products : The company provides concentrated juice produced with fresh and ripe grapes of the highest quality to supply bottling companies in the segments of nectar, mixed drinks and soft drinks. The main grape varieties Isabel, Bordô,...

Protective Gear & Signaling Items Manufacturer

May 8, 2017 — The company manufactures Protective Gear, Signaling Cones and Security Helmets. Founded 15 years ago, it is currently in a phase of expansion. The company presently operates two plants strategically located in the Southeast Region of Brazil. In order to accelerate its growth, the company seeks investors...

Brazilian Home Improvement Retailer Buyout. The

Dec 8, 2016 — Brazilian Home Improvement Retailer Buyout. The company was lately acquired by the current shareholders in mid-2003. It is one of the major home improvement retailers in the Northeast region of Brazil. Commercializes more than 44,000 SKUs, covering ceramics, paint, metal, toilet, cement, PVC, electrical,...

Equipment Manufacturer & Maintenance Services Prov

Nov 30, 2016 — Equipment Manufacturer & Maintenance Services Provider (including foundry, machining, and boiler) for 100% buyout. The São Paulo, Brazil based company is an audited family firm with no succession plans, employees 200-300 workers, serving 100+ clients, primarily in the agribusiness/food sectors, mining,...

Product line to performance analysis to martial ar

Nov 30, 2016 — Product line to performance analysis to martial arts trainees Product line patent sale aimed to technical performance analysis to martial arts trainees. It is a compact and portable product - ideal for professional and also nonprofessional trainees. It has a strong global market appeal and high level...


Nov 16, 2016 — BUSINESS HOTELS GROUP FOR SALE inland of São Paulo State, near of International Airport, Shopping Centers, located in prime and strategic region of Executives and Corportate Groups. asking price is US$190Millions. Owner is favourable to discuss conter offers. Further information will supply for genuine...

Brazil- based Teak Plantation management company f

Oct 18, 2016 — Brazil- based Teak Plantation management company for sale. The company is based in Mato Grosso, Brasil, and manages 1,700 HA of mature teak trees (planted between 1999 and 2004).

Premier English Language Academy/Brazil

Oct 6, 2016 — Our corporation is making available through exclusive licensure all of its instructional, operational, and promotional materials to be used in English language academy schools throughout Brazil. There are currently 103 English language courses. Each course has its own curriculum (for classroom work),...

Purchase and Sale of large areas / farms

Oct 6, 2016 — Purchase areas / large farms, Brazil / Amazonas, compensation and / or environmental recomposition, Carbon Credit and Geocoding services and land tenure.

Brazilian companies seeking buyers.

Sep 21, 2016 — Brazilian companies seeking buyers.

Generic Pharma Co for Sale in Brazil

May 6, 2016 — Family owned business with more than 100 years, strong track record and approved expansion plans. The shareholders are considering divesting their stake in the company since there is a succession lack. The laboratory employs over 330 employees and more than 30 sales representatives working throughout...

Shopping Sectorized

Jan 12, 2016 — Mall traditional, small focused on the industrial segment. Consolidated in the market, it has a good leasable area with all the infrastructure of large shopping malls in São Paulo . Excellent location and easy access; . Ample parking area; . It works in specific sector; . It offers great diversification...

Contemporary Restaurant

Nov 3, 2015 — Pleasant atmosphere with modern architecture, prepared for clients who want a cozy dinner and also for clients who prefer a more bohemian place for happy hour and social gatherings. Established operating for two years, profitable and very well located - in one of the square meters that most value in...

Access Control and Security Systems

Sep 25, 2015 — A growing company, market leader, working for more than 10 years with current and innovative products. The company offers complete solutions for access control and security systems, including CCTV technology and alarms. It owns and develops specific software for each type of control, with its own hardware...

Corporate Events Buffet

Aug 20, 2015 — Company specializing in corporate events. It acts by creating innovative and differentiated events for large companies. He has been working in the market for more than 10 years exploring the gourmet concept in his creations and products.

LED Lighting Systems Industry

Aug 7, 2015 — Extremely attractive company with product of high demand, acting for more than 10 years in the sector. He works in the industrialization, assembly, import and execution of projects in the field of LED lighting. It has own products developed and patented.

Mega Furniture Store

Jul 7, 2015 — Large store with exceptional location Solid, great reputation, about 50 years of activities. Reference in the region. Faithful clientele. Excellent opportunity for network expansion.

Export Bookstore

Apr 16, 2015 — Bookstore focused on exporting books, periodicals, DVD's and CD's produced in Brazil. It has as main and regular clients the best universities in the world, educational institutions in general, government agencies and public libraries.

Restaurant - Asian Culinary

Apr 2, 2015 — Different themed restaurant. Only one year of operation with excellent results. Excellent location in prime area in the East. Consolidated and quality franchise.

Graphic Finishing

Mar 20, 2015 — Solid company, working for more than twenty years in graphic finishing for clients of great expression and high volume of production. Strong growth. One of the leading in the industry. Very profitable. Lean structure. Great facilities.

Clinic of Occupational Medicine

Feb 19, 2015 — Traditional and consolidated clinic in the growing market. Develops solutions in the areas of occupational medicine and occupational safety. Located in a region with great business activity, it serves throughout the national territory through an accredited network.


Feb 17, 2015 — Healthy company established for over 40 years in the Belo Horizonte´s market. Reference for imported fragrances, the company has 07 (seven) outlets strategically distributed in regions of high consumers concentration. Great acceptance in social networks and e-commerce.