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2,000 AC, 36 Wells, 6 Wells Producing 50 BOPD, TX #461539 posted Jan 24, 2017

  • Sevenoaks, England, United Kingdom
  • $1,500,000

Permian Basin, 2,040 Acres oil and gas leases, all depths, 36 wells, 6 wells are producing 50 BOPD, 30 wells need work over program. After work over the estimated production will be around 485 BOPD. Formations includes Spraberry, Wolfcamp, Reef, Strawn ETC. Over 8 MMBO reserves. We will sell 50% interest...

ORRI Royalty Sale #461481 posted Jan 23, 2017

  • Texas, United States
  • Available On Request

We are offering a North Texas 50 BOPD production Oil Overriding Royalty Interest (ORRI) $20,000.00 half of 1% or $40,000.00 for 1%. Current Geologist report indicated extremely low decline and 20 Year reserve. Yes they go fast. Please Contact if interested.

Prolific Producing Oil and Gas Lease #461198 posted Jan 17, 2017

  • Abilene, Texas, United States
  • Available On Request

Prolific Jack County Oil and Gas Production. •2 Horizontal Oil and Gas wells located in Jack County Texas USA currently producing 2-3 bbls of Oil and between 210-240 mcf of Gas per day. These wells have not been Fraced and Production would likely increase with a small Sand Frac. Top of the line...

Not Looking for Investor Need Partners #461175 posted Jan 17, 2017

  • United States
  • Available On Request

We are not looking for investors, we are looking for partners. Did you know we put our own money into each project? Did you know the least we offer to our partners is 50% NRI? Did you know we have one of the lowest costs to our partners than most? Did you know from funding date it usually only takes...

Canadian Gold Mining Company For Sale #461167 posted Jan 17, 2017

  • Canada
  • $4,500,000

Located in Canada, the company has 60 claims on good roads with easy accessibility and has secured all permits to mine. They also have a complete mining operation. The mining season usually runs from May to October. In addition to the mines, the company owns 2 Cabins, 1 Travel Trailer, 1 Mobile Home...

Update: Distressed Partner, Large Oil and Gas Well #461147 posted Jan 17, 2017

  • Robertson County, Texas, United States
  • Available On Request

Forced Sale - Distressed Partner in a Large Oil and Gas Well. - Horizontal Well has been completed in the last 30 days in the Buda Limestone @ 4,600 feet. - Tested at: 710.4 barrels of oil per day, 9.6 barrels of water and 2.9 million cu ft of gas per day. - In the down-dip East Texas Basin...

Gold & Diamonds Exploration Project/ Sierra Leone #461141 posted Jan 16, 2017

  • Kono District, Eastern Province, Sierra Leone
  • Available On Request

Current situation/position, resources on the ground: 1. Access to a land in that area 2. Access to geologycal maps (1987-1991) 3. Access to geophysical maps 4. Understanding of the Mining Code, rules & regulations in exploration, mining, export operations, labor law, security, etc. 5. Access...

8 Oil And Gas Wells For Sale, East Texas #461001 posted Jan 13, 2017

  • Kilgore, Texas, United States
  • $100,000

8 oil and gas wells, 250 acres, all wells are shut-in right now, all wells are equipped. 100% WI and 80% NRI. Will sell all for 100K.

Looking for Production with Excellent Upside? #460743 posted Jan 11, 2017

  • Kansas, United States
  • $1,500,000

We are looking for working interest partners that are looking to acquire existing production. We have a property in NW Kansas that has 3 producing wells (18bopd) with untapped zones behind the pipe on the #1 and #2 producers. A 3rd well was drilled with the intent of disposing saltwater produced from...

Buyer Fee Payable

Barnett Shale Gas Wells, to Increase Production #460593 posted Jan 10, 2017

  • Stephenville, Texas, United States
  • $500,000

- Stephenville, Texas area, Natural Gas Production Project - 4 wells ready for production with workover. - Initial 4 wells should make appx. 650 mcfpd of gas. - Production method will be changed from gas lift to rod lift to increase production and lift efficiency. - 4 additional wells will then...

Oil / Gas Wells and Leases / Operator #460510 posted Jan 7, 2017

  • Texas, United States
  • $100,000

We are an experienced Royalty Acquisition Group that offers generous Oil Leases in a Cheap lump sum payments for your Oil and Gas Royalties at Top Prices! The Oil well business is a lucrative one, We can lease it to you on a deposit of 25k ($25,000) to hold till you are back to Houston to view the...

Producing Lease Upside Room to Drill #460457 posted Jan 6, 2017

  • Abilene, Texas, United States
  • Available On Request

These Wells are located in Callahan Co. Texas and are shallow, multi-pay wells that currently have three producing wells with equipment and one active injection well that has recently been worked over and is being brought online. The lease will produce 5-6 bbls/day out of the Moran Sand. There is room...

Shell Corporation Opportunity, Merger-JV #460412 posted Jan 6, 2017

  • Colorado, United States
  • Available On Request

We have invested over $2,000,000 hard money in our current and fully permitted operational gold mine in the United States. We have a 400 ton, per mining shift, gravity mill with our own Merrill Crowe plant, smelter and wave table. We have all the certified assays and a geological report from a very...

Turner Sand Niobrara County, Wyoming #460384 posted Jan 5, 2017

  • Lusk, Wyoming, United States
  • $1,948,000

I have a seller with 2362 Acres of Perpetual Minerals located in Niobrara County, Wyoming in Powder River Basin (County borders Nebraska and South Dakota. (Not Federal or State Leasehold). M in the fairway of Lower Turner Sandstone Activity Minerals spread out over 4 sections and is Known as the...

3 Bbl/D Production #460379 posted Jan 5, 2017

  • Banner County, Nebraska, United States
  • Available On Request

Banner Co. Nebraska - 1 well - approved disposal pit - fully equipped - steady production - low LOE.

5 Wells in PA Reworked and Tech 80% Done Already #460157 posted Dec 29, 2016

  • Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Available On Request

JV Deal At cost 5 wells in Mckean county Pa 25% WI to be sold, 87.5% net lease. Wells have already been reworked/ fracked and are in the final stage of completion. Raise is to install the new jet pumps on all 5 wells. New pumps have been field tested and have gone beyond expectations.

Two Oil Wells on 140 Acres #460108 posted Dec 28, 2016

  • Albany, Kentucky, United States
  • Available On Request

140 Acres 100% WI / 87.5% NRI. 1 fully equipped and operational oil well. 1 open hole well that is full of oil. 1 100 barrel oil storage tank. Exceptional Drilling Opportunity. The land owner tells us that the equipped and operating well makes about 1.5 barrels of oil per day. The second...

West Texas Infill Drilling Program #460037 posted Dec 27, 2016

  • Texas, United States
  • Available On Request

Texas Oil and Gas Field. Quality project. Small public company seeks development partner to provide $5 million in oil and gas development capital. Project includes infill drilling of 25 new oil wells and stimulation of 30 existing oil wells. 2 proven pays, 2 probable deeper pays.

See the First 2017 Project Now #460036 posted Dec 27, 2016

  • United States
  • $90,002

2016 was a success with acquisition and the drilling for a total 10 managed oil wells and over 6,000 leased acres. Our Group is excited about the first 2017 project . We have acquired a location that had 2 sister wells come in at 10BPD and our new well is expected to do more. This offer is 11 units...

Producing Oil, Texas, Selling Working Interest #460030 posted Dec 26, 2016

  • Abilene, Texas, United States
  • $500,000

One producing oil well in Texas, 5 BOPD, will sell 5% WI for $5,000.00. 12 months pay out.

West TX Distressed Oil Production - 22 Bopd #459757 posted Dec 19, 2016

  • Texas, United States
  • $24,000

- Restoring to production after failed operator was forced to shut in. - 11,000' Devonian well, north of Midland, TX. - Has produced over 891,000 barrels of oil since the mid 1990s. - Last @ 22 BOPD before operator was forced to wind down ops due to unpaid bills, lawsuits, etc. - Flat decline...

2 Travis Peak Wells for Sale East Texas #459558 posted Dec 15, 2016

  • Panola County, Texas, United States
  • $140,000

2 wells for sale in East Texas. Both Travis Peak pumping wells. Both need rework. One has hole in tubing, other has stuck pump. Average 40 Mcf and 3 bbls oil day when operating. Shutin psi 1000 psi on both. One turnkey ready, other needs pumpjack reinstalled. Email for details. 100%WI 75%NRI

SOLD/ 45 BOPD - SeekIng Investor to Increase #459520 posted Dec 15, 2016

  • Texas, United States
  • Between $22,500 and $307,500

Thank you for your interest. This project has sold. ................................................... Currently producing 45 barrels of oil per day from one of two large, multi-stage Mississippi Lime horizontal wells acquired from Apache. Apache's engineering report concluded that there are appx....

Great Producing Lease..Prolific Area #459191 posted Dec 8, 2016

  • Abilene, Texas, United States
  • Available On Request

Green Ranch Project # GRS12082016. Prolific Stephens County Oil and Gas Production. 10 Oil and Gas wells in Stephens County Texas currently producing 15 bbls of Oil and 165 mcf of Gas per day. Production can easily double if all wells are brought online. Brand new Tri-Plex Water Pump, all new Pumping...

Fully Permitted Gold Mine Operation #458986 posted Dec 6, 2016

  • Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  • $30,000,000

We're seeking equity partner/s or investors in a fully-permitted, gold mining project operation in one of the most prolific resource significant areas in Queensland Australia. The mining company operated for over 38 years ceasing production running out of ore 8 years ago. Their extensive exploration...