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Rav Singh, CCIM Managing Director • Singh Commercial Group | KWC

  • Real Estate
  • San Antonio, Texas - United States

Commercial Real Estate, San Antonio, TX

7,099 3,367 3

Rick Passio Senior consultant • The Passio Group

  • Real Estate
  • Ridgeland, South Carolina - United States

Real Estate investor, restaurant consultant, married 40 years, 8 children and 30 grandchildren. Semi Retired

5,644 3,096 1

Aaron McElhiney Acquisitions • Property Management Inc.

  • Real Estate
  • Salt Lake City, Utah - United States

Property Management Inc. is a full service property management company with over 160 Franchise locations nationwide. If interested in starting your own PMI Franchise or selling an existing Management Business, please contact me! 801-341-0734

7,099 3,497 38

Brienne Duffy VP Property Management • Marketplace Homes

  • Real Estate
  • Livonia, Michigan - United States

Since 2002, we’ve been creating real estate solutions that help people move into a new home no matter what their situation. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry by challenging ourselves to develop innovative processes that provide clients with the best moving experience possible.

10,217 3,932 4

Alexa Judgment Specialist • Judgment Business Incubator

  • Real Estate
  • New York, New York - United States

Judgment collection specialist. Message me to learn more.

23,760 6,010 4
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Kendell Lang Chairman & CEO • www.FusionProperties.US

  • Real Estate
  • San Juan, San Juan - Puerto Rico

Fusion Properties Management Group, Inc. specializes in real estate transactions involving the state-licensed medical marijuana (“MMJ”) Grower industry (cultivators and manufacturers). Fusion Properties is a privately held real estate developer and landlord that understands the unique real estate requirements of licensed MMJ Growers.

5,645 3,110 2
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Noah Ibrahim Real Estate Sales Consultant • Grenadines Homes, Nigeria

  • Real Estate
  • Lagos, Lagos - Nigeria

I'm an outstanding sales professional in every respect, I am extremely knowledgeable about my products and services, and about my customer's situation, I am thoroughly prepared for each appointment. I am positive, enthusiastic, happy, fully engaged with life, and open for business.

5,773 3,139 1

Amy R. Realtor • Premium Properties RE Service

  • Real Estate
  • Lake Mary, Florida - United States

8,560 3,629 1
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Ray Rajan Real Estate

  • Real Estate
  • Ancaster, Ontario - Canada

We specialize in acquiring, adding value to, and managing select residential multi residential properties in growth markets with tightening vacancies, with a focus on Hamilton. We fill the void in the local Hamilton, Ontario rental housing market by providing clean, well cared for rental homes to well qualified tenant.

6,751 3,261 0
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James Timothy White Founder, Broker & CEO •

  • Real Estate
  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

An experienced entrepreneur and passionate real estate broker with an emphasis on investing and always evolving. Today, I am focused on the following projects: Easler Education Inc., | We Say Sold Inc., | Binary Biometrics Inc.

5,930 2,894 0
PRO CEO • Hubilu Venture Corporation

  • Real Estate
  • Beverly Hills, California - United States

CEO at Hubilu Venture Corporation (HBUV) which is a publicly traded company. We are looking to acquire companies and assets as we grow.

15,484 4,917 1

Daniel Jaramillo CEO • Strategic Properties

  • Real Estate
  • Miami, Florida - United States

Disrupting Real Estate one step at a time.

13,049 4,396 2

rosa Cortes Realtor/Property Manager • Don Asher & Associates

  • Real Estate
  • Apopka, Florida - United States

have worked in Property Management for over 13 years, and in addition to my Florida Real Estate License, also hold a Property Management Specialist (REPM) designation. I am a dedicated and highly motivated property management professional, possessing the highly-specialized skills needed to successfully handle multiple projects in today's fast-pace

8,648 3,665 4

Edward Fairless Off Market Hotels & Casinos • Luxury Property Worldwide

  • Real Estate
  • Marbella, Andalusia - Spain

Butterfly Residential is a boutique real estate company specialising in hotels & casinos, luxury property for sale and high end rentals in some of the world’s most exclusive locations. Our extensive portfolio of distinctive villas, apartments and commercial real estate includes property for sale in London, Europe, Caribbean and the United States.

5,486 3,090 1

Joe Banda Director; Real Estate Sales • LG Fairmont

  • Real Estate
  • New York, New York - United States

Joe Banda is a global advisor in residential and commercial real estate for individual and institutional clients. He has experience in capital markets, corporate finance, and operations. He has degrees in Finance and Management Information Systems from Northeastern University as well as an MBA from Brown University and IE Business School.

23,786 6,021 1

Paul Wright President • SignValue

  • Real Estate
  • Mesa, Arizona - United States

Billboard Valuation and Advisory Services

9,808 3,852 1

Allyn Maycumber Luxury Real estate • Maycumber Team Keller Williams

  • Real Estate
  • Orlando, Florida - United States

I have been in Real estate for over 20 years and I focus on Luxury homes in and around the Orlando area

8,821 3,669 1

Kenneth Roleke Property Inspector • National Property Inspections

  • Real Estate
  • Tucson, Arizona - United States

I have a background as a builder, of small apartment buildings, attached houses and custom houses, property manager/landlord of small apartment buildings, general contractor of both residential and commercial projects, and home and commercial building inspections in Southern Arizona.

6,030 3,042 3

Thomas J Reif President/Owner • Reif & Associate's Inc.

  • Real Estate
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

38 years as owner of commercial real estate company-hired and trained 10 salesman Prior to Real Estate I owned an employment agency where I hired and trained 24 counselors.....

13,444 4,857 2

patrick marsch Business Intermediary • First Choice

  • Real Estate
  • San Diego, California - United States

Patrick’s career spans more than 30 years, and includes senior management positions with Accenture and business ownership. Prior to becoming a business broker, Patrick spent over 15 years as a commercial real estate developer and a partner in a commercial construction company responsible for developing over $500 million in real estate assets.

8,131 3,552 2

thom macfarlane RE Broker - Mortgage Banker

  • Real Estate
  • San Diego, California - United States

Getting it done for investors, homeowners, homebuyers with residential financing of 1 to 4 units. In addition to looking for personal business opportunities, I help friends and clients get the money/equity they need to fund their own endeavors. Located in San Diego, I work with clients all across California.

8,121 3,571 3

Marc McCormick Commercial Loan Originator

  • Real Estate
  • Wichita, Kansas - United States

I originate commercial mortgage loans and am as investor actively seeking opportunities to invest in real estate or select business operations.

5,896 3,139 1

Gajendra Gajendra Director • Total Realty Solutions India

  • Real Estate
  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh - India

Real estate consultant, legal n financial advisor

5,484 3,063 1

Matthew Ody Sales Manager • Matthew Ody & Associates

  • Real Estate
  • Eagleville, Tennessee - United States

Matthew offers services as a dedicated, decisive and detail orientated professional with over 20 years of sales, marketing and licensing experience in the United States and internationally. His success is achieved through developing trusting relationships based on integrity, professional character and industry expertise.

6,184 3,190 1

Jamie Knuckles Real Estate Sales • Bond New York Real Estate

  • Real Estate
  • New York, New York - United States

I actively list and sell residential, commercial and investment properties in the New York, NY metropolitan area. I am certain that this will significantly boost the revenues for both of our businesses through forming a strategic business alliance. Email:

23,793 6,025 2