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Clean Non-shell, Trading, 10K+volume, $20+ MarkCap

We have 2 Clean non-shell currently trading on OTC PINK with $20 million to $250 million in market capitalization, high volume, and ready to up-list Nasdaq or NYSE immediately. We’re looking for to acquire partial or control stake in: (1) Revenue Generating CBD operation; (2) Medical Marijuana Real...

Otc Public Company (Fully Reporting Pink)

OTC fully reporting available that delivers 99 %. The company is DTC and checked a as non shell. Current in all filings with no litigation issues. Pristine clean company. Please contact us for more information on this listing.

Worlds Best Renewable Inventions for Sale or JV

We own 10 of the Worlds Best Renewable Energy Inventions, Free Electricity and Eco Products including ; The all Air powered Engine and the Perpetual Electric Vehicle System (No Need to plug-in ) Recharges While U Drive ! Plus Portable Solar 20,000watt suitcase, The Water Powered Motor, World's Fastest...

$40,000 Clean Otc Pinksheet Shell For Sale

I Have a Clean Otc Pinksheet Shell That is Dtc and Trading Looking for a Good Reverse Merger Candidate For More Info on this Opportunity Pls Email Me

Private Shell For Sale 19 Years Old 80 Paydex

Oregon Private Shell For Sale 19 years old 80 paydex HIgh Trade 45000 Asking: $7500

Public Company for Sale

SEC audited, DTC, DWAC, own 99%..non shell, cash/terms...

Gemstone Producer Looking for OTCQB Shell

Our institutional client (a large gemstone producer with huge tangible assets and a certified inventory of over $1bn worth of audited rubies, emeralds, alexandrites etc. which will be auctioned and sold in 2020, creating significant sales and profits for the issuer) is looking for a clean and fully...

$395k Pink (QB Qualified) Non-shell - DTC -99% Del

PInk - non-shell - DTC - no legal issues * All corp docs since formation (2017) * U.S. Shareholders * 99% delivery * $395k No equity deals - Cash only

Private Company to Go Public

new contracts this year revenue of $2.5m will go up to $7million. revenue as high as $12m in the past. Looking to grow with new software deployment. Seeking $1m debenture/investment & a public shell to roll into. Fully validated deal. 15 year history company, very solid deal potential here.

Nevada Private Shell Inc. 1987 DNB 80 Paydex

Nevada Private Shell inc. 1987 DNB 80 paydex High Trade 80,000 Owe: 0 List as a Construction company No liabilities Price negotiable

Private Biotechnology Company Seeks Clean Pubco

Private biotechnology company seeks public company shell. We all know there are many reasons a private seeks a pubco. Many think it is to raise capital or easier to do so but they find it is not always the case even if they have a few investors lined up. There are many good reasons to reverse in to...

Clean 15d Shell Available for Sale - $425K Cash

Pristine OTC current non-shell DTC 99%+ all docs ready for transfer $425K cash only

Wanting to Purchase a TSX Shell

I want to purchase a TSX shell the has been scrubbed. Can you please shoot me a email with contact information. Thank you

Fully Reporting PK Non Shell for Sale

We have a fully reporting Pink Sheet 12 g public company, non shell. Fully SEC compliant. $250k if paid up front $350k if paid out over 12 months.

Only TSX or TSX-V Shell Co'S

We are in the Australian mining space with a primary focus on Au and Au/Cu/Ag. Thanks.

Otc Pink Sheet or Nasdaq Listed Shell Wanted

We have a 300 million tonne coking coal project in British Columbia which we need to list in North America as we move to development Asset is owned by BVI sub of Australian public company

US NASDAQ Clean OTC Shell with

Majority control available for sale.

Biotech Public Company for Sale

Owner retiring after owning and controlling this USA OTC public company for 36 years. The company is currently trading and has traded every day for those 36 years. The company has a tax loss carry forward of a few million and has excellent share structure to effect a quick RTO merger or sale. The...

German Shell Listed on German Stock Exchange

Recently incorporated company in 2017, with cash on the bank account of 200.000 EUR. There are no liabilities. There have been 250.000 bearer shares with 1,00 EUR nominal value issued and fully paid up. The company is listed on the German Stock Exchange Open Market and the shares are not restricted. The...

Looking for Low Cost OTC Shell for Acquisition

We are looking to first partner then buy a public shell that is either a licensed MSB entity or EMI in the UK. Our capital is around $8000 to acquire said company at the moment we are pre-revenue but Know exactly what we are doing. I sit on the board of several companies and design below solution...

OTC Reporting Pink

OTC Reporting Pink available. The company is DTC and DWAC. Delivers 95 % and checked a non shell. Please contact us for a full detailed profile.

Require Shell for Operating Subsidiary

Summary: Require shell for operating subsidiary – it provides analytical industrial hemp testing in four categories: (1) Industrial Hemp Cultivation, (2) Extractors and Processors, (3) Cannabidiol (CBD) Product Companies and (4) Infused Foods. Its Product Development unit is developing a blockchain...

Clean OTC Publicly Traded Shell for Sale

Clean, OTC public shell entity ready for a reverse merger or business combination transaction. If you have an operating business that seeks to take advantage of being a publicly-traded company, this may be the entity for you. Traded on OTC Markets with 5-6 active Market makers. No debt or liabilities...

OTC Clean Public Shell Company Entity

I have a Clean Public Shell Entity, which may be used for Reverse Merger State of Incorporation: Nevada Date of Incorporation: July 6, 2007 Number of Shares Authorized: 500,000,000 Number of Shares Outstanding: 166,000,000 Shares Deliverable 100% Pref control block Transfer agent Nevada...

Clean Shell w/ No Liabilities, No Sketchy Debt

I have a Clean Public Shell entity that can be used towards a reverse merger. It is DTC eligible, in good standing, clean, great credit report, no liabilities will be transferred to you. No sketchy debt. If you are a private growth company with an exceptional business, profitable and have...

Stuttgart Stockholm Mirror Listed Shell

NGM in Stockholm and Boerse Stuttgart offers less cost, better liquidity, and greater access to capital than the OTC markets in the U.S.A. Anyhow we can offer a dual listing with at the OTCQX International, for companies already listed on a qualified stock exchange in EU. The Stockholm stock markets...

OTC Markets - Clean OTC Trading Shell

I have a Clean OTC Trading Shell, with trading symbol, trading on OTC Markets, Nevada corporation, with shareholders, DTC eligibility, +6 market makers, ready for business combination-merger, clean records. Also an option if required, for consulting services. This is ready for a merger candidate upon...

Clean OTC Shell w/ Symbol Go Public Prices Rising

Updated February 27, 2018. I have a publicly traded shell company, on OTC markets, completely clean, no liabilities and easy to audit if you plan to file an S-1 or Form 10 with the SEC. I have supplied dozens of these companies with zero problems or complaints. Ready for your name, new symbol if you...

Go Public This Week $40k

US PubCo for sale /Merger State: West Virginia Only $25. Annual fees State filings current OTC Pink Authorised Capital: 500m Issued: 134m common 4.8m Preferred $1.00 par Float in DTC 13m Stock is very spread out with no large positions against you. While the stock is under...

Fully-Reporting Trading OTC DTC

Nevada Corp SEC reporting 61 Shareholders SHELL Minimum assets Minimum Liabilities Total issued 52,180,000 Control Deliverable 40,000,000 76.6% DTC YES Preferred Stock- Non authorized Common Stock- $.001 par value; 76,000,000 shares authorized; 52,180,000 shares outstanding *I also...

Talk to me first before spending $150K to $$400K o

Talk to me first before spending $150K to $$400K on a pubco shell. Trust me, REG A+ gets you to a better place for less money AND millions of dollars in the till, not like buying a shell and HOPING for funding. List on NASDAQ. Raise $10M+. All pieces in place. I've been in the low priced stock arena...

Non-Shell, DTC Eligible, Transferable, IPO Pending

This company is ready for a reverse merger, or you can take it over, rename the company and do a direct IPO (there is a current, pending IPO). The Company is three years old, formed in Delaware, debt free, fully reporting, and current on all its filings, and has NO shell status whatsoever. Deal would...

Clean, Fully Reporting OTC Shell - DTC Yes

I have a Full-Reporting Public Shell Entity, which may be used for Reverse Merger. - Reporting to the SEC trading upon merger & registration, OTC Markets OTCQB, uplist to NASDAQ Capital Market (senior exchange) within 12 months if you qualify - All filings/Audits Current - Minimal liabilities/No...

Canadian Shell Companies Available

Looking for a Canadian Shell (CSE or TSX)? Our firm has access to such companies looking for new projects, reverse takeovers or outright sale at various times.

Reverse Merger OTC DTC

Excellent Trading Shell Opportunity! Several +6 market makers Trades on OTCMarkets DTC Eligible. Incorporation Nevada. Very high delivery Clean, no liabilities transferred Credit report avaliable Contact for more details. We also offer all SEC filing services which include Edgar...

$30,000 Pinksheet Equity Shell For Sale

I Have a Pinksheet Shell With Equity Capital For Your Business Up To 4 Million Dollars From A Hedge Fund I Also Have Several Other Inexpensive Shells for Sale Along with Funding. Pls Feel Free to Email Me for More Details.

Public Shells (Specialize in Chinese Buyers)

We Specialize in Chinese transactions. We have closed 25 deals in Hong Kong and Mainland China over the past 18 months. We have a large inventory of Public Shells. We offer the cleanest shells with the lowest Prices. OTC/QB, (Shells and Non Shells) and Pink Sheet Shells. Tell us what you need and we...

Clean Public Shell OTCBB/OTCQB (兼并和收购)

I have a Clean Public Shell Entity trading on OTC Markets which may be used for Reverse Merger. - OTC Markets trading, 6 market makers, ticker symbol - Ready for reverse merger transaction - Clean record - No Litigation Pending - Has 40+ shareholder base I have a clean shell entity that...

Buying a Pubco Shell? Let's Talk Reg A+ $50M

If you are buying a pubco shell and will be a non-reporting company/voluntary reporting company, contact us. Reg A+ is available to you to raise up to $50M. Don't waste money promoting your stock just to watch it get shorted down to .0001 eventually. 30% of a reg a+ raise can be selling shareholders....

Buy A Shell From Us: Clean & Ready To Go

As soon as you Reverse Merge your private company into a Public Trading Shell the value of your company goes up 20X earnings. How can this be? We will answer all your shell and Reverse Merger questions as we have been doing for over 35 years. Contact us Now

Trading Shell OTC for possible Merger/ Sale

I have an OTC trading shell for possible Merger/ Sale Contact for information. Important to note: If you have any disclosable criminal record or offense, this will pose a problem with regulators and thus, there can be no assurances that you would be successful in this process. It would not be...

Buy Public Company - One Stop Solution $95,000

Public Company Info Value $95000 Inventory # E000118 Primary Trading Market OTC Non Reporting Pink Alternatte/Dual Lisitng Market To be made available Recent Share Price 0.0001 Exchange Act of 1934 Filer To be made available Date of Incorproation 1997 State of Incorporation Nevada DTC Eligible Yes,...

Clean OTC Public Trading OTC Trading Company - Listed Company

Clean, OTC public shell entity ready for a reverse merger or business combination transaction. If you have an operating business that seeks to take advantage of being a publicly-traded company, this may be the entity for you. Traded on OTC Markets with 6 active Market makers. Clean, OTC public shell...

Huge U.S. Company Needs OTC-BB Shell (with DTC)

Our client is a U.S.-based Bitcoin business looking for of a fully reporting U.S. shell with DTC eligibility (either OTCQB, OTCQX, or Pinksheets with a pending uplift to OTC). The company has $2.0 billion in cryptocurrencies on its balance sheet which equates to $20.00 per share (based on the proposed...

Canadian CSE Shell For Sale

70% of stock, clean, $500k OBO Perfect for Cannabis

Otc Current Pink

otc current pink non shell dtc and dwac free trading yes delivers 99 %

$25,000 Fully Reporting Shell For Sale With Cash

I Have a Shell That Comes With 3 Million Equity Cash . It Can Be Used For Your Next Acquisition or For Working Capital To Fund Your Current Business. Pls Email Me For More Info

Trading Shells Available No Cash Needed

Our firm raises money for growth stage companies. We will raise you money, in a Private Placement first to buy the shell and then also use that money to help with all Reverse Merger costs. We have been raising money for over 37 years and are experts at it. OTC shells available.

Trading Public Shell With Cash

I Have A Trading Public Shell Company That Has Equity Funding From a Hedge Fund For you to use for your Current Business. After The Purchase of the Shell And the Reverse Merger. They will issue a Term Sheet For Funding To Fund Your Company Up to 3 Million Dollars. Pls Email Me For More Details on this...

Broker Dealer For US And Chinese Markets

We are a full service US Broker Dealer. We are the Principals of several public shells and we have a vast network of associates in the Public Shell Market. We have a combined 30 plus years in the Public markets. We Specialize in Reverse Mergers. Over the past 5 years we have worked with numerous Chinese...