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South America Commercial Properties Ranked By Popularity

Commercial Building Fully Leased In Brazil

Commercial building occupied by the largest home improvement chain in all of Latin America. Currently leased for 30 years (currently in second year of lease) with another 30 yr option available. The lot is 24,538 square meters (264,124 square feet) and the building is 14,500 square meters (156,067 sq...

7410 Acres (3000 Ha) Paraguay Agriculture Land

3000 hectares (7410 acres) Paraguay Agriculture Land. Excellent soil for raising soy beans, rice, eucalyptus trees, also for raising of cattle. Plenty of water Excellent Buy. $700/hectare Asking Price of: $2,100,000 usd

Well Known Tower Beachfront, Montevideo Investment

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I AM SELLING a field in CATAMARCA of 1.827 hectares

SELLING field in CATAMARCA of 1,827 hectares located in Departments of Vilisman and El Alto, in Argentina, suitable for agriculture (plantations of potatoes, peppers, beans, citrus, apples, pears, walnuts, olive groves, almonds and high quality VINEYARDS. ), animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats,...

Come Home to Quality, $10,000 bonus for last front

Live on the Beach by the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador! Whether you are looking for a place to retire or just to have a summer beach home, this is where you can enjoy a relaxing life by the ocean in small beach town called Santa Marianita in Ecuador that has a lot to offer, from many water activities to...

Several Boutique Hotels for sale on the Uruguaya

Several Boutique Hotels for sale on the Uruguayan coast! Email me at

2255980,7 Acres of forest in Madeira, Amazonas,

2255980.7 Acres, Forest, Wood, Amazonas, Brazil Brazil • Asking Price Over R $ 550,000,000.00 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting: forestry and logging, Carbon Credit.

•I'm looking to buy multi family properties in Bra

•I'm looking to buy multi family properties in Brazil.

Farms for sale at Argentina 33.000 hectares in pro

Farms for sale at Argentina 33.000 hectares in province of Chaco to be develop 60.000 hectares in province of Salta ready to produce soya