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Plastics & Molds Company

It is an industry with more than 20 years in the market, with loyal customers and of great national and international renown. It operates with manufacturing of technical plastic parts and tooling, in addition to building molds and devices. Main segments it serves are: Automotive, White Line, Civil and...

Seasoning, Tea & Condiment Industry

Industry in the segment of Chas and Spices, great business opportunity for food companies wishing to expand business for the sector, good market share with distribution of products in large supermarket chains, large portfolio of products. Great business opportunity for foreign or Brazilian investors. *...


It is among the 15 largest snack kit companies in Brazil. Portfolio of clients formed and from various sectors, such as banks, automakers, hospitals and laboratories, schools, etc. Growing revenue in recent years and booming market. Great growth potential.

Tool Distributor

Extremely attractive company, operating for over 10 years in the sale of tools, hardware and industrial protection and safety equipment. Specializing in engineering, construction, industrial installations, workshops and cleaning and maintenance companies. Also with internet sales. Lean and efficient...

Cosmetic Manufacturer With Typical Serr Product

The presentation, quality and originality of Serra Gaucha's typical products make this brand a rare business opportunity. Present in renowned Spas and Hotels in Brazil, characterizing the line as treatment and giving strong credibility to the products. Possibility of launching a range of new products...

Coffee Shop

It began in the mid-70s in Santos. In this decade, Edgard Rauscher Son, begins to broker the sale of grain from farmers around the country and the big coffee brands. After thirty years working in the coffee market, with its expertise and know-how acquired family rauscher solve mount a cafeteria that...

Metallurgical industry

The growth of this company in the last 06 years has been 50%. Due to the potential of the new customers being developed, this average could be repeated in the next years. It has a contract to supply one of the parts for GM's new car, ONIX, which will increase revenue by 20-30% of the current average.

Machine and Equipment Manufacturer

This company is one of the market leaders. Focused on the manufacture of equipment of various sizes according to customer needs. In prime location, it is part of a booming economy. They prevail over the competition due to their excellent reputation, quality of service and economy of scale.

Logistics Packaging

This industry produces equipment and products for the logistics sector in companies from the Automotive, Auto Parts, Agricultural, Aviation, Engine Manufacturers, Metallurgical, Glass, among others. It has a physical and technological structure capable to design and manufacture solutions in packaging...

Frozen Food Segment Company

Empresa do Segmento de Alimentos Congelados - Contact the seller for more details.

Metallurgical industry

Extremely attractive company, operating for over 20 years in the market of general metallurgy articles for industry, commerce and metal articles for domestic use. It also operates in the plastic blowing market.

IT Segment Company

Empresa do Segmento de TI - Contact the seller for more details.

LED Lighting Systems Industry

Extremely attractive company with high demand product, operating for over 10 years in the sector. Works in the industrialization, assembly, import and execution of projects in the area of LED lighting. It has its own developed and patented products.

Metallurgical Mechanical Industry Inside Sao

One of the leading companies in the sector, extremely attractive, operating for over 30 years in the domestic and international market of high durability metallic reservoirs. Excellent technical skills and large customers.

Road Works Equipment Industry

Very solid company, operating for over 20 years, consolidated customer base, huge growth potential. Designs and produces equipment for road works complements. Own technology. There is no similar company in Brazil. Growth assured.

Trading Company And Distribution Of

Empresa do Segmento de Comercio e Distribuição de - Contact the seller for more details.

2 Spring Water Business for Sale, Uruguay

Ideal for investors seeking such business expanding a huge export potential major expansion, seeking the right investor with the international marketing expertise of such business or similar to add more to the business as well. 2 Springwater business, in operation with major export and 1 new plot...

Graphic Machinery Segment company

Empresa do Segmento de Máquinas Gráficas - Contact the seller for more details.

Company of the Segment of Electric Motors

Empresa do Segmento de Motores Elétricos - Contact the seller for more details.

Manufacture Of Frames And Wood Artifacts

Manufacturing of Wood Window and Door Frames - Contact the seller for more details.

Drinking Water Business In Uruguay

Drinking Water Business In Uruguay

Drinking Water Business in Uruguay – A business that “leaks water” can be very profitable! Fresh clean drinking water is a natural resource, vital and scarce and highly demanded around the world. A natural mineral water spring that flows from the earth has an immense value and according to all the...

Company in the Tops, Mirrors and Crystals Segment

Empresa no Segmento de Tampos, Espelhos e Cristais - Contact the seller for more details.