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E-Sports TV Global Television Network Opportunity

An excellent opportunity to buy into the worlds first global television network dedicated to the exploding esports business which over the last five years is now three times bigger than the Combined global revenue of the film and music business. In 2020/21 it is expected to double again. Over 6.6...

Worlds Largest Property TV Network

The company was the first to market with its dedicated global property TV network and quickly became the largest and most well-known. The company also owns Australia's number 1 & number 2 real estate Podcasts, which are the regions largest and longest-running. The business provides online streaming...

Established Television Station in Mississippi

This TV station has been operational for over 50 years. 2 Licenses. Broadcasts in a portion of MS.

Award Winning International TV Channel Franchise

Our firm presents an exclusive business opportunity to enter the International Television Broadcasting Industry; the 4th most lucrative in the World, by way of purchasing a triple award winning TV Channel Franchise. The Channel is exceptionally placed at present & has been approved to cue to launch...

Texas Major Market TV Station

Low Power Digital TV station for sale in Texas major market. Not network affiliated, generating $40K per month (on average) with $15K per month in expenses (including transmitter site lease). Owner is retiring and will accept $1.4 million cash (firm).

E-Sports Global Television Network for Sale

Everyone knows how popular and rich the emerging e-sports business is. Supervision is establishing the first global state of the art e-sports television network. The easiest way to explain it is that it is exactly like "NETFLIX' but is strictly for the tens or hundreds of millions of gamers, of any...

New Global Television Network

As you read this notice there are approximately one billion people watching video content on television or on a mobile device around the world. For the most part these people are sitting on the couch or at a table staring at the screen for an average of five hours a day. The passive nature of television...

TV Network and Broadcasting Company

Purchase broadcasting network TV, Radio Station across the southeast. All affiliated programming each station either JV outright buyout purchase of stations,