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Texas Oil & Gas Properties For Sale Ranked By Popularity

Texas Oil Field for Sale

USA Oil Investment Opportunity. Located in Texas, USA (near Dallas). 2,200 Acres of Land of Oil Production Rights. Estimated Reserves of 10 Million Barrels of Oil. Seller Open to Negotiations for Management of the Oil Production. Estimated Reserves and Future Net Revenue Reports available upon request.

Looking for Joint Venture Capital Partners

Looking for Joint Venture Capital Partners to buy existing oil and gas production in Texas and the surrounding states. I have been an oil and gas operator since 1997 with an up to date P5. I have production of my own. I am looking to take advantage of the market with these low oil and gas prices.

1300ac Producing ~6 Bopd/ Priced To Sell $150k

Small oil company selling all NRI/WI, surface and downhole equipment located in Texas for $150000. Priced to sell. • ~1300 Acres and 14 wells combined from 5 different leases. • ~1160 acres are in the Eastern shelf of the Permian basin of west Texas. 5 wells are actively producing ~4 bopd with...

Place Wells into Production at Cost w/Exit Strategy

I was previously an oil and gas operator in Texas that operated nearly 200 wells. I owned a service business consisting of workover units, water trucks, pumping, and roustabout services. Last year I sold my company and retained two (2) leases that were "next in line" to develop for our own account....

Sale of Ranch With Oil Wells-Excellent Opportunity

Sale Of Ranch With Oil Wells. Free Of Encumbrances Or Charges. Excellent Opportunity In U.S.A. – Texas – Somerset. * Ranch has 3 houses ranging from 1.500 to 2.500 SQFT luxuriously decorated and fully furnished and equipped. * Plus a 500+ SQFT warehouse. * The property has a surface area of 186...

15 Wells for Sale Caldwell County Salt Flat Field

I own and wish to sell Fifteen (15) wells located in the prolific Salt Flat field in Caldwell County Texas very close to the infamous Salt Flat fault system. An Engineering / Geology evaluation has been performed on this lease. The report shows an estimated Recoverable reserve of 500,000 – 800,000 Barrels...

Edwards Drilling Prospect Caldwell County Texas

I am seeking to sell an Edwards Drilling Prospect with major upside potential. This lease is situated on the prolific Salt Flat Fault system and is surrounded by Major Production. The offsetting leases have cumulative production 1,600,000 barrels of oil each. The company that owns most of the Edwards...

130ac Fort Worth Basin Lease: 1.75 BOPD, 50k

Claude Orm lease of the Fort Worth basin in North Texas. This lease has one oil producer (1.75bopd/2bwpd). Production has been flat for a decade. Development opportunity exists. Priced to sell at 50k. District 9, Lease # 14167.

Oil Lease Package In Throckmorton County TX

Oil Lease Package in Throckmorton County TX on the Matthews Ranch. 5 leases, 25 to 27 producing wells, 3 wells non-producing, 6 injection wells, well depths range from 900 feet to 3500 feet. Total acreage with all leases around 725 acres. 100% WI and 75%-80% NRI. total BOPD 15. Upside acreage to drill...

Hardin County, Texas Production for Sale

4 active producers, 1 SWD well. Production 23 BOPD, net production 8 BOPD. Operator will stay aboard or you can operate. Priced at $250,000. Seller will hold note for $125,000 with $125,000 down for qualified buyer. RRC District 3 production for sale is hard to find. Please contact me for more information.

Permian Basin Producing Property for Sell

1,900 acres HBP Slaughter Field San Andres Formation Cochran County, Texas 15 Bod now. $30,000 repairs increase to 30 Bod. Energy Hunter surrounds on 3 sides 4 horizontal San Andres permits filed offsetting to the south 100% W.I.

West Texas Producing Oil Properties For Sale

Selling 48 wells located in Crane, Crockett, Pecos, Reagan, Schleicher, Tom Green, and Irion Counties in West Texas. Included is 5,044 gross and 3,757 net acres of leasehold. During the ten-month period from May 2017 to February 2018 these properties sold 7,548 barrels of oil and 7,445 MCF of gas,...

Polk County, Texas Production

Texas RRC District 3. Houston-area production is solid gold. Three producers, one shut-in producer, two SWD wells. Producing a consistent 16+ BOPD for years, has plenty of upside with workovers/repairs/drilling. $600,000 firm. Please contact me for more details. Thank you.

Oil & Gas Property For Sale

Opportunity Highlights  1,510 Acres in Jack and Young County, Texas (lease kept active through shut-in royalties)  100% Working Interest, and 73.5% NRI  13 Vertical Wells  Producing Zones include the Bryson Sand, Caddo Limestone, and Marble Falls Limestone  Excellent Candidate...

Low Production Stripper Wells

EOR chemical mfg seeking up to 50 low production / stripper wells in Oklahoma, North Texas, Central and South Eastern Kansas.

Need Funding For Your Next Oil & Gas Project ?

Private Equity Boutique firm specialized in the oil & gas space, is looking for projects for its investor base clientele. We represent several overseas investors looking to be part of the oil and gas energy market in the U.S. We are looking to be industry partners with small-medium size oil an gas...

Four Oil Wells For Sale In Caldwell County, TX

2 wells 75% NRI 2 wells 80% NRI 6-10 bbl/day total 2 productive zones to 1750 ft Light Sweet Crude Low pumping/operating costs Excellent development potential 2-acre spacing Geological data available

18% Secured By Production Payment 24 Month Loan

We currently own/control approx 80 BOPD with the potential to develop our existing field to more than 500 BOPD. We have geology and engineering reports to supports this along with run statements to verify oil sales We are seeking a $250K loan available in increments of $10k to take our company to...

Last Call -North Texas- Make Big Money

We are looking for participants to join in to complete three wells (3). At P10 rate estimate of 40 BOPD, the economics was amazing. A snapshot is attached. We are expecting more than this at up to 100 BOPD. We are looking for investors to join in completing the three wells and plumbing each well separately....

Private Fund Provider Needed

Private lender/investor or fund provider needed for Texas oil lease purchase/rework and bring to production. Need $150,000.00. Will negotiate ROI but not above project sustainability.

Need Funding For Your Next Oil & Gas Project?

If you need funding for your next oil and gas project and you don't want to go through the ordeal of a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) not to mention how expensive and inefficient it is, I invite you to contact our company to find out if your project qualified for our funding program. We represent...

Texas Producing Oil/Gas Asset

5,000 acres, 35 BOEPD from 10 producers with upside from repairs, reworks, recompletions. Multiple SWD facilities. Room to drill dozens of new wells. Please contact me for details.

Need Funding For Your Next Oil & Gas Project?

We are a private equity boutique firm that specializes in funding oil and gas U.S. projects. Our main objective is to provide funding to small and medium-size operators looking to expand production or to acquire assets in the oil and gas space. Don’t waste your money going to a securities lawyer...

Buyer For Oil & Gas Production

I have a buyer seeking oil and gas producing assets for sale in the US or Canada. They are not interested in exploration or drilling projects. There must be existing production of at least 1,000 BOED and can go up to 5,000 BOED. Alberta and TX, LA, MS are best but others considered also. Funding is...

Stephens County, TX - 9 Well Production Package

9 Wells (6 Producers / 1 SWD and 2 Shut-In SWD). -This is a turnkey package. -Wells located in Stephens County, TX. -The field has been completely shut it for upgrades including multiple new downhole pumps, new ss cat triplex injection pump, new electrical panels, new engines for pumping units,...

Texas Oil Field For Sale $25K

Lulling Texas, lease for sale 1.5 BOD 7 Wells, 4 full operatives, Battery Tank, Separator, 100% WI, NRI 65%

4 BOPD, 328 Acres to Develop

Have 4 BOPD and 1 BWPD currently from existing well on the lease, good tanks, equipment, caliche road, and electric. Has a good offset lease for an analogy for success, and 10+ drilling locations on this 328-acre lease. 2,500 foot sandstone. WI 100%, NRI 81.25%. For sale at $ 400,000. Each well...

Jones County Texas Oil Leases

2 leases 300plus or minus acres 2 producing wells, 1 shut in well. 2 BOPD. Plenty of upside. Additional equipment comes with leases. $65,000. Don’t need any help selling.

Stripper Wells Needing Funded As Low As $5K Plus

Selling 65% NRI & 100% WI of oil and gas leases. Stripper Wells mainly $5K minimum buy in, upwards to $260K Buy full 65% of projects, will negotiate pricing. Shallow and deep Wells. Mostly shut in with rework potential for water floods. Cheaper to get into. All projects I know and how to increase...

Oil Lease in Runnels County, TX

The Bull Field lease is a 300-acre continuous tract with 8 wells with 5 currently capable of producing, 0 shut-in producers, 2 injectors, 1 supply and 0 plugged wells in Runnels County, TX. This lease was producing ~170 BOPM (4-6 BOPD) and ~100 MCFPM (3-4 MCFPD) with potential to make 200+ BOPM (7 BOPD)...

Partner Wanted For Texas Oil Field Development

Our firm represents DDD. DDD is offering up to 30% participation in its Rehm Field Development Project to qualified industry and institutional participants. Cost to buy in is $30,000 per point, or $900,000 for 30%. DDD plans to drill 4-6 additional wells with its partner, then sell the entire asset...

Frio Sands Oil Project In Victoria County, Texas

Have a property in the fairway of the new Frio Sands Horizontal Trend in South Texas. Seeking a party to take over and develop. Approximately 28 new producing horizontal wells in a 3 mile radius drilled so far in 2018. This is the only available property with Frio horizontal wells on all 4 offset...

Permian 640 Acres Andrews Co. TX - Held by Unit

Now accepting offers for unitized minerals in Andrews County Texas. Deep mineral rights (base of the Mississippian and below). Offsetting wells producing 400 BOPD. Email for more information. Block 9, Sec 38 and Sec 40. Offers under $1,000 per acre will be ignored.

Texas Oil Well/ Partner Wanted

Project 1. Investment level 250,000 USA Dollars Opportunity to invest in a Texas Oil Well Development. Seller is offering a 25% equity interest in a Oil Well that is currently being developed. Investment would go towards the completion of the well, and for the Frac Services required to extract...

3 Gas Well Leases For Sale/ East Texas

Travis peak formations. One producing 85 Mcf/day 1.5 Bbl oil. One flowing on timer, needs tubing pulled- making 1 Bbl oil, 4 Bbl water. One shutin needing rework. Asking 2.5 times net. Serious inquiries only. Commercial SWD also available.

Texas Oil Production With Upside

12 existing wellbores on 1248 acres currently producing some oil. Operator plans to recomplete 11 wells into Caddo formation and 1 SWD. 25-80 BOPD IP’s expected with a peak production of 225 BOPD after recompletions. Minimal upfront investment, ROI 3.13 with net PVO of $4.3 Million. Prior wells will...

Woodbine Prospect

The Woodbine Prospect is located in east Texas north of the Van Oil Field, Van Zandt County, TX. The Nacatoch, Pecan Gap, Austin Chalk, Woodbine, Paluxy and Rodessa are potential productive formations. The Woodbine formation is probably around 2500 to 2700 ft in depth. Production goal is 100 to 300...

7 Oil And Gas Leases With Producion For Sale

5 oil and gas leases are located in TX and 2 are located in CO. For information, please contact. Thank you.

Hello, I am working direct with buyers and inve

Hello, I am working direct with buyers and investors for working, royalty and minerals interest. We are looking for oil and gas assets producing or non-producing depending on my source. Areas of focus are TX, CO, LS, OK, PA, OH, IL and WY. Contact me immediately me and let's a get a deal done.

Oil prices are high now at $70 per barrel and will

Oil prices are high now at $70 per barrel and will go higher. Started Drilling already. Have 30 wells planned with 5 permitted already. Selling up to 30% working interest in this North Texas proven field shallow production at $3500 per unit per well. Minimum 3% or 3 units in the new drill. New 65 ft...

Need Funding For Your Oil & Gas Project ?

We are an International oil & gas company that represent several overseas investors that are looking for oil and gas opportunities in the U.S., specifically in Texas. our investors are looking for oil and gas projects where the operators are in need of funding to expand production. Some of our investment...

Texas Shallow Gun Sight Oil Projects

We're buying shallow oil production bringing old Wells back into production. Setting up new water floods to increase production. We're serving the first time investors and smaller investors. Minimum buy in's of $3K, $5K, up to $25K to upwards $65K. Buy full 65% Net Revenue of leases if desire. 1-3...

Off Market Texas Oil/Gas Opportunity $45M - $100M+

Type of Investment: Loan/Equity (Open for discussion) Acquisition of land including oil / gas leases located in Permian Basin looking for an investor / partner. Seeking a debt or equity investor from $45M - $100M+ Majors have been very successful on adjacent properties. Extremely rich hydrocarbon column...

Midstream Oil And Gas Investments

We manage a private family investment trust focused on oil and gas opportunities in the US and International markets. Since inception in 2004, we have invested in over $500 MM of projects. We are currently focused on expanding our existing gas gathering system by acquiring midstream oil and gas...

1300ac Producing ~6 Bopd/ Priced To Sell $200k

Small oil company selling all NRI/WI, surface and downhole equipment located in Texas for $150000. Priced to sell. • ~1300 Acres and 14 wells combined from 5 different leases. • ~1160 acres are in the Eastern shelf of the Permian basin of west Texas. 5 wells are actively producing ~4 bopd with less...

Serpentine Volcanic Prospect For Sale

Serpentine Prospect for Sale: The Serpentine formation in central Texas is capable of high reserve potential from very limited aerial coverage. Initial production rates have been very high from old fields. This serpentine prospect covers approximately 120 acres. It was located using satellite and...

Eastland-Brown County, Tx Area

Looking for ground floor partner. Geologist with Caddo/Marble Falls (2900') Field Extension Prospect; low cost, low dry hole risk, quick payout. Caddo/Marble Falls: buy one producing well (3 - 4 BOEPD), 15 month payout and drill two offset wells to 2900'. estimated ultimate recovery is 20,000...

Texas Small Oil Deal $50k

Texas Small Oil Deal $50k. Estimated production 4 BOPD. Located in Archer County, TX 75% working interest, (3) producer wells, (1) injection well.

Production...Midland Tx...18 Bopd ...Water

Production...Midland Tx...18 bopd ...water injection, and 2 wells producing 12 - 13,000 '...Cash needed and motivated to sell.... $ 400k .... $ 250 k down and balance of $ 150 k over an agreeable time frame

Commercial SWD For Sale East Texas

SWD for sale, Permitted 20k bbls day, Pettit formation. Steady cash flow. All operations automated. View and control from cellular. Serious inquiries, details on request.

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