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Canadian Shell Companies Available

Looking for a Canadian Shell (CSE or TSX)? Our firm has access to such companies looking for new projects, reverse takeovers or outright sale at various times.

Canadian Public Listed Shell On TSX.V

Shell on TSX.V available with funding ( range 10-200 mln depending on valuation). Looking for candidates with business valuation starting from 100 mln. To make proposal we require 1. Audited reports for last 3 years. 2. Business valuation report. 3. Company profile. 4. Demand for funding. 5. NDA We...

Seeking Struggling OTC's/Pinks

Tired of running your listed company? Running out of capital? Want to retire? I'm looking to purchase control blocks of stock in struggling/defunct OTC's/Pinks in the US or TSX/CNSQ in Canada. This is not an RTO proposal, we want to run the current business and make it better. We will look at all...

Listing For Cannabis Companies On The TSX

We are looking to list your cannabis company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. - Must be post-revenue - Own assets above 1 million - Strong EBITDA - Have an investor deck with Pro-Forma - Experience Executive Team - Must have at least $10k for due diligence Crowdfunding, Reg A+, Reg S...

Seeking A Tsx-V Shell

For a qualifying mineral resources transaction. The mineral resources are located in Australia. Thank you.

Reverse Take Off Shell Company In TSX

any reserve take over shell company available in tsx. pls adv