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Cargo FAA Part 135 Airline for Sale

Company with FAA Part 135 certificate with approx 5500 lbs payload turbo prop cargo aircraft Price 2,350M

Airline Company Under FAA Part 125 for Sale

With our Without airplane. Rare opportunity to purchase a 20 years old airline under FAA part 125.

Company Part 125 Airline for Sale

Delaware LLC Company and its FAA Part 125 Certificate Price excluding aircraft $500,000, Free and Clear. Current owner can stay on for a transition period . PRINCIPAL INQUIRES Above subject to removal from market without prior notice.

Aviation - Multiple Turnkey Part 135 Operations

Aviation - Multiple Turnkey Part 135 Operations

A) Highly Profitable Southeast-Based Part 91 Aviation Business (Specializing in fixed and rotary wing contract work for corporate clients) Unique opportunity to acquire a highly profitable aviation business with both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. STC approvals for corporate contract survey...

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