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Operating International Bank in Puerto Rico, USA

There is one international bank (IFE license) in Puerto Rico available for $4 million. It has SWIFT and Fedlink, as well as two correspondent partners. It is fully operational and the shareholders are motivated to sell. It does not have Fedwire or MasterCard or Visa facilities, though it is eligible...

Banks for Sale

Several profitable banks in the USA are for sale having assets between $50M and $500M. All are functional, with unrestricted banking licenses, in good standing, with clean balance sheets. Very reasonable asking prices. Buyers must be experienced in US banking management and operations.

Bank For Sale

Bank For Sale

Multibank with branches in the DR LOI and POF required for financial information Price: $60M

New US International Bank Licenses Available

Just about the only jurisdiction in the world actively issuing international banking licenses is the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. If you’re looking to establish a de novo bank in an offshore banking center, all of the action in 2020 will be in Puerto Rico. First, let me define what I mean by an...

US Bank For Sale in Puerto Rico (IBE not IFE)

A very rare opportunity is available in the US territory of Puerto Rico. A fully operational international bank, with FedWire, is up for sale. The cost is approximately $25 million USD. What makes this a unique opportunity is that this bank holds an International Banking Entity (IBE) license. The...

European Bank For Sale

A majority of stock (70%) in a European bank is for sale. The bank has all permits for international banking, full infrastructure with branches, and outstanding on-line banking presence. No litigation pending, no penalties, no bad loans. The bank has total assets of $36.25 BLN, total revenue $1.25 BLN,...

US International Banks for Sale

As of December 2019, there are two international banks for sale in the US territory of Puerto Rico. Both are offered at about $3.5 million. Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing a bank in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the hottest international banking jurisdiction in 2020 and competition...

Offshore Banking License in Puerto Rico

Offshore Banking License in Puerto Rico

This type of banking license will give, after a separate process of application, scrutiny and due diligence, access to the US federal banking system. But for this, the board of directors and officers should be quialified US bankers with a long proved history in the US banking industry. If this is...

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