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Outstanding Bank for Sale - Sold

* Established over 20 years ago. * USA headquarters. * Member of the European Financial System, but not under supervision of the European Central Bank (ECB). * Has 6 divisions: corporate, private, investment banking, financial advisory and capital markets. * Excellent offices/branches networks:...

Bank for Sale USA

Tremendous rare opportunity, assets more than $100,000,000, valued for sale at approximately $20,000,000 well performing and is a modern bank with excellent marketing opportunity.

Offshore Banks For Sale And Investment Opportunity

We have several opportunities waiting for the right investor: New Zealand: Financial Service Provider FSP for sale 5 years in business Resident Director Office in NZ Employee Bank Accounts in the Carribean Price $300K Puerto Rico: offshore bank for sale In business for more than 10 years. Net...

Bank in USA available for acquisition/ Private Sal

Bank in USA available for acquisition/ Private Sale Bank in USA available for sale Full banking licensed 7 branches in total Profitable Approx. 600m -700m USD deposit (client accounts) Owner retired 100% equity for approx. 200M USD send enquiry to: Ms. LEE

Open an Offshore Like Bank in the EU

The solution to the challenge was found in Lithuania new specialized banking license. Lithuania have a favorable regulatory and tax environment, good infrastructure, affordable office space and labor force. Fintech companies find it as an ideal jurisdiction to challenge traditional banking institutions...

California Lender Looks for a Franchisee. We

California Lender Looks for a Franchisee. We are California licensed lender, located in Northern California. The license will cover the whole California state. Please contact me if you want to open a lending business in CA. Thank you!

Ecuador: Commercial Bank for Sale

1. Corresponding Accounts 2. SWIFT 3. Assets $50M 4. Capital $10M 5. Price $25M Learn More: [ external link ]

Banks and Financial Funds

Sell offers of Commercial Bank, Financial Funds Intitution, Investment Bank, Finance Companies, Investment Manager or Venture Capital Companies.

Puerto Rico: Offshore Bank for Sale

1. Offshore Bank 2. Corresponding Accounts 3. SWIFT 4. Good Lending Portfolio 5. Price $20M More Investment Opportunities: [ external link ]

Corresponding Account for Offshore Entities

Corresponding banking thru a Financial Boutique This is the most accesible option to have access to a corresponding account system. Currently there is a FSP offering corresponding accounts for banks and financial institutions thru one of the largest banks in Europe with the following cost structure: 1....

Offshore Banking License in Puerto Rico

This type of banking license will give, after a separate process of application, scrutiny and due diligence, access to the US federal banking system. But for this, the board of directors and officers should be quialified US bankers with a long proved history in the US banking industry. If this is...

North Jersey Federal Credit Union is now accepting

North Jersey Federal Credit Union is now accepting ITIN Members. If you work, Live or do business in New Jersey you are welcome to joining our Federal Credit Union. Immigrants are welcome to join as well. We are pleased to announce the opening of Newark And Elmwood Park Branches as of Jan 23rd, 2017....