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Courier Delivery Business W/ Part-Time Owner

This San Diego County based commercial courier delivery service has been in business for over 4 decades. The seller often assists drivers and routinely oversees the bookkeeping, payroll and management of employees. There are 7 part-time drivers who run pre-scheduled daily routes and 1 part-time office...

FedEx CSA with Manager in the DFW Metroplex

FedEx CSA with nine trucks in the DFW Metroplex.

FedEx CSA With Manager In Growing Market Of Texas

FedEx CSA with manager located in a highly desirable area of the growing DFW metroplex. This CSA has 11 to 12 trucks that go out each day and is approximately 60% overlapped.

Five FedEx Home & Ground Delivery in Mississippi

FedEx Home & Ground Delivery 100% Overlap 5 Routes with 6 trucks.

Fifteen FedEx Line Haul Runs in Kentucky

Fifteen FedEx Line Haul Runs /Seventeen Tractors Located in Kentucky.

Two FedEx Line Haul Runs in Virginia

FedEx Line Haul - 2 Dedicated Runs and 3 Trucks in Virginia.

FedEx Line Haul in Memphis TN Metro Area

FedEx Line Haul - 9 Team Runs / 10 Trucks (very healthy fleet) Memphis TN Metro Area.

FedEx P&D 11 Routes In MA

FedEx P&D Routes Boston MA Metro Area. 11 Routes / 14 Trucks ISP Compliant.

ISP Compliant FedEx Ground & HD Routes

ISP compliant route system: this is the future of FedEx: combination Ground & HD routes complete overlapping services. 6,000 stops a week. 11 work areas, 10 delivery vans and 1 Bulk truck with experienced drivers and manager. Three zip codes in Palm Beach County, close proximity to the terminal. Seller...

FedEx Line Haul in Memphis Metro Area TN

FedEx Line Haul 2 Teams / 2 Singles / 4 Trucks (free & clear) in Memphis Metro Area.

Profitable and Easy to Run Food Delivery Business

Profitable and Easy to Run Food Delivery Business

Take control of your financial future, become a business owner. We are offering an amazing start-up business opportunity for anyone that would like to start a profitable and easy to run Food Delivery Business. Our experience working with some of the biggest catering and food delivery companies in the...

Fantastic Courier/Delivery Business

Fantastic Courier/Delivery Business

What an incredible opportunity for anyone! This business is Home Based and the owner uses his car to pick up and transport Medical records which are not allowed to be sent on the internet due to HIPAA Regulations. The owner has contracts with major Hospitals to transport these records throughout the...

Profitable Courier Biz for Sale in New York

Profitable Courier Biz for Sale in New York

A great business listing. This business is dedicated to providing the best service in the tri-state area. Participate in the service field and it will become clear to you that their professional service is the reason they are the best choice for courier services. The proof is in their service. This...

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Delivery/Courier Service

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Delivery/Courier Service

Delivery service gem! Essential business provides courier delivery service with reputation for quality. Turn-key with established client base. Perfect clean P&Ls and tax returns! Seller is active in business, but states his functions can be replaced by another worker for a more absentee ownership. Sales...

Multistate Midwest Courier & Hot Shot Service

This nearly 20-year-old same-day delivery, freight, courier and hot shot service has been serving customers based in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana with a great track record of success. The owners are ready to rewire themselves as their families age, leading to the desire to sell the business they started,...

Courier Business

Courier Business

Local courier company with a long history of success. This well established company delivers a wide variety of items from small envelopes and packages to large skids weighing thousands of pounds. Well established customer base serving a variety of customers in a wide range of industries.