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Sell Us Your Real Estate Notes

Sell Us Your Real Estate Notes

There are better ways to clean your balance sheet! All positions throughout the capital stack including: 1st and 2nd mortgages Mezzanine and Equity Stages of performing: Performing Sub-performing Non-performing Allocation amount: $2,000,000 and up Asset Types Considered: Industrial Medical Multifamily Professional...

Historic Bonds - Open Call for Bonds

Open Call for Historic Paper (We are purchasing) Guaranteed Best Price We Are Now Intaking And Purchasing The Following: 1. Super Petchili 2. Golden Dragon 3. Zim Notes 100T Minimum quantity required for intake = 100 pieces. No upper limit. KYC Package is required for consideration....

Looking To Buy T Bonds

We have a client that is looking to buy T Bonds . Large amounts . If you have T Bonds for sale contact me. Thank you .

Are You Looking to Sell Your Mortgage Notes

I am seeking to find seller of Mortgage notes and want to work out a deal. Seeking both performing and non performing. send details on your Notes and what you expectations.

Seeking Sellers of Historical German Bonds

1924 German Bonds Needed They will not purchase anything less than 250 bonds at a time. Buyer is providing USD 32BN for 250 Pcs of Green German Bonds 1924 Series. 10% is to be Reduced from $32BN for Intermediary Group Fees. Please get back to me soon with Full KYC Package and POL via Email....

NPN to Purchase

My partner and I have a client looking to purchase a package with all properties bundled . After the first tranche we would be looking at getting upward to 50B per transaction. Primarily buyer desires a rated bank assets and preferably bank to bank transactions. If possible we would like the hottest...

Capitalized Institutional Investor Seeking Notes

Seeking Commercial real estate loans and portfolios of loans for sale.Transaction Size. $2-$75 million individual Loans $5- 300+ million Loan Portfolios. Status:Performing,Non-Performing and Sub performing,Security:1st Lien Senior,Nationwide Urban and Suburban.Assets Types,Multifamily,Hotel,officeRetail,Industrial,Self-Storage,Senior...

Seeking Bad Debt to Buy

Looking forall kinds of bad debt to buy for 5 cents on the dollar. Credit Card debt Medical debt Home mortgage Hotel notes Business loans Commercial notes Any bad debt Non performing debt you need to write off.

We Buy Debt from Hotels, Office Buildings, or Apart.

We have an investor group that, buys debt from hotels, office buildings, or apartments that are in operation or are closed due to a lack of financing. We negotiate directly with debtors. We need all the financial documentation or business plan that demonstrates that the business is profitable...

Buy Securities (Financing)

Direct Mandate to Financial securities. SBLC, Loans, MT760, Bonds.


I’m interested in supplier for MTN/Bonds. Please contact me if you're able to supply MTN/BONDS.

Seasoned MTNs Wanted

We have several RWA Buyers for Seasoned, Cash-backed MTNs. Prefer Desk-to-desk Settlement

Distressed Real Property Notes Wanted

Very well capitalized Debt Fund is purchasing real estate notes on performing, sub-performing, and non-performing assets.

Re: Attention Mortgage Holders

Re: Attention Mortgage Holders

Attention Mortgage Holders We Buy Mortgage Notes: If you have sold your property & taken back the mortgage, we can help arrange the sales of all or part of income streams from privately-held mortgages, trust deeds, wraps and land sales contracts. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have...

Looking to Purchase/Buy NON Performing Notes

I am looking for direct sellers to purchase discounted Non Performing and performing Notes. 1-4 family investment, commercial properties. Please no broker chains only direct note holders only. Thank you.

We Are Buying Rated Corporate Bonds

We Are Buying Rated Corporate Bonds

Markets: Asia & Europe Parameters: -Up to 40% of total issuance on each ISIN -Bonds must be rated -Trade minimum of US$ 5M -Secondary Market Trade only (No primary market or new issue participation) The minimum requirement to submit trade opportunities: -ISIN -Size of Position -Indication...

MTN Trading

MTN Trading

MTN – summarized procedure: P1. Direct purchase. - Face Value + 200% P2. With trading. We agree to buy the MTN issued by every serious bank arround the world: We download the MTN into one of our Family Offices: We spend Money and will provide us with a tradable instrument into our London...

NPN Wanted

I have a client buying aged NPN second lien notes. One off Portfolios Up to $20M Will also consider performing notes if the discount makes sense. Contact me with your deals and for additional information.

We Buy and Lend Against GP and LLC Interests

We buy and lend against GP and LLC interests in commercial real estate. $1million to $10million Closings in 2 weeks. Contact for a no obligation proposal.

Looking to Acquire Notes Non/Performing

If you have either a commercial or Residential note and want to sell lets talk. I am looking to make a best offer at a discount. Any Residential or commercial: Hotels Business Notes Shopping Centers Office Building NNN Absolute Properties Ground Leases Raw Land Any notes that you want...

Seeking Notes for Sale

Looking for residential or commercial notes. Performing or non performing notes at a discount 5 to 10% of face value. Example $100, 000 note for $5000. Sell your note before it has no value left.

Seeking Residential and Commercial Notes for Sale

I f you have a performing or Non performing note for sale I am interested. Lets talk about your notes. Even other cash flow instruments Like Owner will carry or finance. Residential or commercial. Also, structured settlements and Auto loans. Any and all Note you want to get rid of.

I Have Investors for Notes-Performing and Non

If you have a Note-Residential and commercial for sale I want them. Performing and Non Notes selling at a discount. My clients are ready to take them off your hands. Residential Business Hotels Land Any Real Estate- NNN Absolute

Buyer Treasury Notes and T Strips

Have a buyer for t straps and treasury notes contact asap


Please contact me if you're able to supply MTN/BONDS based on the two outlined transaction procedures. 1st Procedure (Buying MTNs via DTC): I have buyer looking for an MTN on DTC. Face-Value can be up to $5B. Buyer is from wants to close immediately. Buyer doesn't want Euroclear but only by DTC....