Standard Listings

Large Natural Gas Plant

Off market Large Natural Gas Plant with off take contracts in place. No broker chains. Must be principal or direct to principal.

JV Production Development

JV Production Development

We have funding for an Energy OTC Pubco. If you are interested in a JV to increase production thru workovers or re-completions, please contact us for details.

Oil & Gas Production

We have an oil and gas client seeking to acquire existing oil and gas production. Any size - small production acceptable. Must have current financials supporting the production including cost.

Wanted: Lease Acreage and Producing Wells N. TX

Wanted: Lease Acreage and Producing Wells N. TX

E&P searching for available leases & producing wells in the following counties -Wichita -Wilbarger -Baylor -Archer -Clay -Jack -Throckmorton -Young -Palo Pinto -Stephens Existing production/well bores and PUDs are preferred. Need to be able to provide 2021 production reports & revenue Reserve...

Mining Leases - Properties Wanted

We are seeking mining tenements in exchange for stock. Candidate may have dormant or inactive leases and be seeking to bring them to life with a vibrant team ready to take a fresh look at potential opportunities. Don't let your efforts sit doing nothing - let's see what we can do together!

District 9 Operators Royalty Owners

District 9 Operators Royalty Owners

Are you straddled with unwanted depleted shallow oil wells? Call or email.

Looking 4 Distressed Assets & Takeover Candidates

Looking 4 Distressed Assets & Takeover Candidates

Helping represent a 3rd party Oil & Gas company looking to purchase distressed assets or companies willing to be taken over via cash & or stock deals. Area of focus represents Kern County, California. North/East Texas, Wyoming, Montana & North Dakota.

Capital Mining Investor

Will look at any mining projects that make since and the numbers crunch. Send details to WIB Financial group.

Wanted: Water Driven Production

Seeking Texas water driven production for sale. Prefer Eastern side of the Permian Basin, but others considered as well. Ultimate candidate would be underperformed. Prefer “some” current production, however non-producing will be considered. Orphaned wells considered if a new lease can be acquired reasonably.

Seeking to Purchase Lease Producing

Seeking to Purchase Lease Producing

Seeking to purchase lease producing.

Looking to Purchase Oil Leases on Austin Chalk

Looking to Purchase Oil Leases on Austin Chalk

We are looking to purchase leases on Austin Chalk with following well conditions: - Completed well depth between 1600 and 2400 Ft - Preferrbly with Saltwater well Funds ready and serious seller only. Please email with contact details.

Seeking Global O&G Investment Opportunities

Open to any O&G opportunities globally, prefer Singapore & Middle East. Must require at least $100M capital and we need majority ownership.

Wanting to Buy West Texas Wells

Looking to buy oil & gas wells in the Permian Basin. Must be 5 BOPD or better.

Seeking Sellers/Buyers of Royalties and Min Rights

We seek sellers or buyers of royalties and mineral rights....not drillers. We have buyers standing by to purchase your mineral rights and royalties, and we have lenders standing by to provide BUYERS of royalties and mineral rights. If you are a buyer we can fund your next purchase. If you are...

Oil and Gas Properties

Hello, I am looking for any kind of producing oil and/or gas properties anywhere in the world. We will consider any kind of deal even a property that might only produce under a barrel a month all the way up to one flowing thousand per day. Please message me if you have any properties anywhere in the...

Buying Conventional Oil Deals

Looking to out right purchase 100% WI Conventional Oil Plays. Over Promote, Excessive Royalty &/or ORRI will kill the deal. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Buying Vertical Oil Wells in Central OK

Buying Vertical Oil Wells in Central OK

We're interested in purchasing 1-5 (1-10 BOPD) vertical oil wells in or near central Oklahoma and open to marginal wells with upside/workover potential. Please contact if interested in selling. Thanks

ISO Fully & Highly Operating Diamond Mine

Private Equity Fund looking for Full Acquisition (not JV/ Partnerships) of Diamond & Other Precious Gems Mines currently operating and highly producing with plenty of proven resources. Will need NI 43-101. Also looking for Gold Mines currently operating and producing >10,000 oz./ year with plenty...

ISO Fully Operating Gold Mine >10K oz Annually

Private Equity Fund looking for Full Acquisition (not JV/ Partnerships) of Gold Mines currently operating and producing >10,000 oz./ year wit plenty of proven resources. Will need NI 43-101. This is our ideal purchase, others less preferred, but if everything is proven and is at the point that the...

Seeking Distresseed Oil Production - Alberta

We have cash funds and are seeking to purchase oil production in Alberta that is distressed and needs to sell urgently. Wells, leases or company that are currently producing and have good reserves and secure off-take buyer in place. The deal should provide a payback in less than 1 year.

Wanted Large Midstream Oil/Gas Assets To Buy In US

Strong buyer looking for large oil/gas midstream infrastructure/storage/pipelines/terminals: 1. Operational or non operational 2. Under construction 3. Approved and permitted 4. USA and Canada locations Motivated buyer open to look at all large opportunities. Thank you

Well Funded Buyer Looking for Good PDP Oil or Gas

I represent a very well funder buyer who is actively buying producing assets. Will look at all deals but prefer deals in the $25 million to $300 million range.

Oil and Gas Royalties Wanted

Oil and Gas Royalties Wanted

We are ready to acquire Oil and Gas Royalties during these uncertainty of times. We are committed to providing opportunities for mineral owners to sell interest. Feel free to send well information to email. should you have any questions or contact me directly at . Feel free...

We Are Buying Producing Properties 25-300 BOPD

Our firm believes in an improving future for oil and gas, even if it may be a while before things are much better. We are looking to buy producing oil and gas properties or join in mutually beneficial partnerships. If you need a partner, have short term cash-flow issues, or perhaps would like to cash...

Oil & Gas Production Wanted

Buying production, drilling and rework opportunities, and leases. Desperate sellers only. You need out, we want in. We are motivated and have cash. Contact this Buyer Now.