Standard Listings

Extended Hotels in the Southeast US

I have an investment client looking for Extended Stay hotels in the Southeast US. 90+ rooms. Please send what you have available.

Real Estate Agencies All Over the USA

Real Estate Agencies All Over the USA

Buyer is looking to buy Privately held Real Estate companies or RE franchises. That are not part of his vast structure. Which includes thousands of locations in the USA and all over the world. Buyer will pay a fair market value fully funded ready to close!!! Buyer with his current development...

Attention Hotel Owners

I am seeking Hotels that would interested in doing Sale-Leaseback-Purchase You can sell the property-Lease it out and buy it back

Looking for Vacant Land to Build a Hotel --Max $5m

Max $5m w/ land to do new construction. Any Us location. Looking to build a brand new hotel and need some land to build. Looking also to create this hotel as a proto type to create a new brand to franchise in the future.

Looking for High Cap Rate Real Estate Projects

Looking for High Cap Rate Real Estate Projects

I'm a CA broker. My clients are looking for Hotels Apartments REITS Senior Living Facilities for acquisition or investments. Cannabis has real estate is OK. We have $20M-$500M available for the right projects. We also have smaller investors to flip properties around $1M. Clients demand high...

Vacant Office Bldg, Flex Properties Marina Del Rey

We have a buyer for vacant flex properties office bldg in Marina Del Rey. Playa Vista or playa del Rey 50,000, to 130,000 sqft vacant bldg productions, Sound stage green screen rooms studio type of properties must have, Secure parking lot on the premises with a dining area set for restaurants. Cash...

Rundown Fixer Upper Apt Bldg Wanted

private investor looking for fixer-upper APT bldg Vacant Northen, Southern Ca. Between 30 units to 300+ units cash buyer other areas Los Angeles Orange County, San Diego Santa Barbara Sacmentno Marin Alameda Short Escrow.

Looking For People Selling Properties By Owners

Now our Foundation is now paying $10,000.00 more over your asking price for your property that you are selling.

Seeking Global Real Estate Opportunities

Open to any real estate opportunities globally. Must require at least $100M capital and we need majority ownership.

Hospital Wanted Closed Northern, Southern CA Only

Closed Hospital wanted in Northern, Southern Ca only least 100+ bed more. Other location LA. Orange San Diego County Are A Plus Alameda Santa Barbara.

Fixer Upper Apt Bldg Wanted Statewide CA Only

We are the buyer for statewide off-the-market apt bldg in California. 20 units up over 200 units size multi families packages over 1000 Units.

Vacant Hotels and Motels in California

Where looking to purchase Vacant Hotels and Motels, Apt Bldg fixer upper. Minimum of 50 rooms up to 300 rooms plus size properties closed need repair. Northern and Southern Ca only were are cash buyer off the market work to, Pre-foreclosure and Bankrupt Chapter 7, 11. 13. We buy quick closed.

Vacant Hotels and Motels Wanted All Area

Where looking for Vacants Hotels and Motels and Gaming properties. If you been closed down or in pre-foreclosure chapter 11 bankruptcy. We can help today any size small or large Ca, NV, Florida Georgia, Texas.

Actively Looking to Buy Value-Add Real Estate

Actively Looking to Buy Value-Add Real Estate

Situations Considered Bankruptcy Below Market Rents Collection Issues Deferred Maintainance Environmental Issues Short Term Leases Vacancies Asset Classes Considered Industrial Medical Office Professional Office Retail Location Preference NJ, FL, TX ( will consider others on a case...

Cash 4 Your Mobile Home Ma., NH, RI, CT

Reach out to me today to get a cash offer. Thanks

Broward County, Florida Commercial Wanted

In need of approx 1 acre, industrial, light or heavy manufacturing zoning. In Broward County. Price range 750k-2.5 M. Will act quickly.

I Buy Houses

We will buy, lease, or take over the payment of your home, eliminate the hassles and put cash in your pocket. Any condition. Do you own a home and need to sell now? Has your listing expired? Are you looking for debt relief? Is your home vacant? Need repairs? Are you in foreclosure? Behind...

Actively Buying Portfolios of 1-4 Families

We buy value Add deep discounted properties. we will buy vacant, rehab properties, we look to buy in Delaware New castle and Newark . Pa. Atlanta, FL. Columbus OH.

Actively Buying Value Added MultiFamily Properties

Looking for 40 units and up. Value Add, deep discounted properties. Beat up properties B and C in working class areas. Affordable housing and opportunity Zones. 50% occupancy min. Not Total Gut Job 20% Gut/30% rehab. Geographic areas: Atlanta, Birmingham AL. Montegomery AL, Indiana, Carolina's,...

Residental Projects In Europe Wanted To Buy

residental projects in europe wanted to buy financially strong investors are looking for: 1. Portfolios of residential properties that have been completed in the last 2 years or will be completed in the next 12 months. 2. Financing of new residental development. 3. Offers from banks are also...

Buying Land to do Ground Leases

Looking to buy land at a discount of aporaised value to offer ground lease.

Looking to Acquire Real Estate

Seeking to buy real estate at a discount. Sell your Real Estate at 5 to 10% of the face value. Appraised at an example $200, 000 for $10000

Searching Distressed Multi Family Properties

Currently searching for distressed Multi Family Properties outside city Limits. Strong buyer for quick closing. Anywhere in the United States

Space Required in Adjacent Machine Shop

Looking to rent Half Machine shop warehouse to have available contracting with existing Machine shop to provide services for our manufacturing / retrofitting equipment business Looking for 4-6000 square feet

Florida 100+ Units Multifamily Wanted

Real Estate Investment Fund based in South Florida seeking to acquire 100+ unit value add multifamily within the state of Florida. D class is ok, C class preferred.