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CNC Machine Shop with Metal Fabrication Services

This company has been established many years and the owner is ready to retire. The facility is under utilized and the business is in need of additional sales.

Machining & Fabricator with ISO & AS Qualification

Machining & Fabricator with ISO & AS Qualification

The owner of this business is looking for the right company to merge with. The owner is elderly and has several second generation family members in the business that want to continue working for a new owner. The Seller is focused on finding a Buyer with the right culture and mix of business and can...

Profitable, Diversified Machine Shop in NC

A desire for retirement has placed this diversified and highly profitable Machine Shop located in North Carolina on the market. The company provides machined parts, metal fabrication, welding as well as catalogue sales of cutting tools and industrial supplies. It is located in a HUB Zone and has been...